My DoorBot is on its way: Are you getting one?

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Ah hah… I awoke to this message from the DoorBot team.

If you’ve been a long time reader you’ll remember that back in January I took a punt on a DoorBot way back when it was being crowd-funded. It’s a WiFi enabled doorbell for smartphones. 

It’s rather simple — the concept being that when someone presses your DoorBot, you’ll immediately be sent a push notification to get live video of the person pressing the button. You can then use your phone to relay a verbal message (e.g. “Leave it round the back please.”). 

I reckon it might be rather useful for when folk from DPD are trying to deliver things from Amazon and neither my wife or I are at home.

I love the concept. I’m not sure about the reality yet but we shall soon see. 

Screenshot 2013 12 10 11 27 10

My DoorBot is in the post. When it arrives I will get it setup and let you know how I get on. 


  • Ian Theophilus

    Love the concept of this Ewan – won’t have to answer the door ever again to unwanted visitors!!!!

  • James Vincent

    I want one!

  • Siminoff

    Ewan can’t wait to hear your feedback on the DoorBot. If you have any questions email me

  • MarkW

    Really hope this works. It has so many potential uses… Fingers crossed it’s better than the Wallet TrackR I tried recently, which was a total fail.

  • Ewan

    I’ll let you know!

  • Käj James Jorgensen

    I received my DoorBot in early December after being promised I would receive it in September. I also ordered the Lockitron, which did not come with the DoorBot as I expected it to, and I have not heard a single word about it since July when I preordered. Company shortcomings aside, the DoorBot itself is a major disappointment; terrible video quality, lagging audio, failed rings where I do not receive notifications, and a good 30-second delay between answering on my phone and getting through to the person at my door (despite having a top-tier connection speed) make this product feel unfinished and poorly executed. At this point, when a notification actually does come through, I just walk to my door to answer it the old-fashioned way so my visitor doesn’t leave while I wait for DoorBot to connect. Wait at least another year to buy it.

  • Chris Libby

    I signed up as a backer, finally received my unit over a month ago, and it hasn’t worked properly once. Either notifications never come through or are delayed by 45+ seconds, video is never legiable and audio is choppy and distorted. Latest release of android app locks up my phone and notifications take even longer. Signal is %100 at doorbell, I have a 35mb circuit and a gn3. I find it very hard to beleive this product works for anyone unless there is a 2.0 version of the hardware out there doorbot isnt talking about. This device was just not designed well from the beginning.. Doesnt support hidden ssid (altho they claim it does) and sleeps even when hardwired, disconnecting from network and adding to already lengthy time in sending notifications. Posting my negative experience on doorbots Facebook page resulted in my comments being deleted and being blocked from the page. What a way to treat a backer.

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