Episode 6 of 361 Degrees Season 8: Phablets

We’ve just published episode 6 of Season 8 of the 361 Degrees Podcast.

As usual, it’s a relaxed debate as Ewan, Ben and Rafe pool their collective knowledge to provide insightful, witty and topical commentary on all things mobile…

Here’s the summary:

This week the team revisit the topic of phablets, reflecting on recent changes and the impact of Apple’s (arguably) late entry into this market.

We discuss:

  • What phablets really are
  • Their impact on the mobile market
  • Where they are popular
  • How they sell
  • And we give proper attribution to the person (we think) coined the term long before the date Wikipedia credits

Would you / have you bought a phablet and why?

Here’s the Soundcloud embed so you can play right-away:

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