Love the #PhoneDrop Challenge from!

Have you see the Phone Drop Challenge video from (“the smart phone people”) yet? It reminds me of the “Push Button for Drama” virals I loved from a years ago. I came across it this evening thanks to this Twitter ad I saw:

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I have to applaud the team at for coming up with Phone Drop concept. They left a mobile on the street around London and then waited for members of the public to pick them up… and, ‘random things happened’ thereafter.

If you’ve got a few minutes, it’s worth a look, particularly to check out the challenges they set the various punters — they’re all very modern day.

It’s entertaining, it’s massively up to date in terms of our mobile world and it’s brilliant brand building for Nicely done.

I hope they’ve a few more videos coming!

Incidentally I was rather drawn to the Sony Z3 being used in the video. The screen and the basic form factor looked rather good!

Anyway here’s the video:

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