My Top 7 Apps: Scott Tyson from Mailprotector

Here we are with another Top 7 apps post. Today we have Scott Tyson who is Sales Director at Mailprotector;

Mailprotector offers a portfolio of cloud-based email security, management and hosting services sold exclusively through the channel to businesses, government and non-profits around the world.  Products include inbound and outbound email filtering, email continuity, email archiving and business-class hosted email solutions, including enhanced MS Exchange.

Scott uses the iPhone 5. Let’s have a look at Scott’s list…

– – – – –

Starbucks App: A great way of finding a local Starbucks whilst out and about and also having credit to ensure I am prepared for a latte on the move. Also great for finding a location to use free Wi-Fi for business on the move. We use a lot for video conferencing between the UK and US office from our desktop or laptops, but now with the iPhone app, I can video conference on the move.

Melbourne Herald Sun: This is my local newspaper in Australia, so I love to keep up to date with news and events back home. Also a great resource for all the Aussie Rules and cricket scores as well.

Hipchat: We use Hipchat as our internal messaging platform both for one to one messaging and also via rooms in regards to different elements of the business i.e Sales, Support, Development etc. We can also transfer files as well.

BBC Sport: I love this app as it is a great resource of all sports, which I am passionate about especially Cricket, Formula 1, Football and Golf. When travelling and away for longer periods of time, it’s great to be up to date on all the teams I follow. For me this is the perfect travellers app. It gives you real time exchange rate information but is also extremely useful in a business environment when dealing in multiple currencies like Australia Dollar, GB Pounds, US Dollars and Euros for example.

Myfitnesspal: I love this app as it not only tracks my daily food intake when I’m watching what I eat, it also logs my exercise and calories burned as well. I found it the perfect app when on a health kick and trying to watch what I eat and exercise effectively.

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Thanks to Scott for his list, just seeing the words ‘Starbucks’ made me think about those red cups! I must check out HipChat.

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By Sarah

Sarah manages the Top 7 Apps submission series on Mobile Industry Review.

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