Can Google please put the mobile operators out of their misery?

Google? Amazon? I really don’t mind, but I would like one of the key industry players to start mopping up the business.

When the ONLY thing your mobile operator can offer you to differentiate themselves is a flipping Netflix or Spotify subscription — to try and justify the stupidly expensive 24-month price plan you’re about to sign-up to — you know it’s time for a bit of a change.

Google plans to sell mobile subscriptions direct to end-users via MVNO arrangements it is negotiating with US operators T-Mobile US and Sprint, according to The Information.According to sources, Google will buy wholesale voice and data capacity on the two operators’ networks. The project is codenamed “Nova” and led by longstanding Google executive Nick Fox

via Google MVNO talk gets another airing in US — reportMobile World Live.

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2 Responses to Can Google please put the mobile operators out of their misery?

  1. Rob Chamberlin January 26, 2015 at 4:22 pm #

    Interesting development, and clearly a much-needed shot in the arm for the U.S. MVNO industry. One has to wonder if this will be a key strategic initiative at Google, or another Google Voice or Google Wallet that will be quickly abandoned for a faster growing, more profitable product or service.

  2. James Vincent February 1, 2015 at 2:17 pm #

    Think the whole industry needs to get creative. I feel the market has gone stale. Next month I’m leaving EE & returning to Three. [As EE had been the worst ever these last 17months. That’s putting it lightly] and although Three’s service is the best, there’s not really much excitement in regards to services I can look forward to playing with. How much longer are we gonna have a boring Mobile industry?

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