Have you booked your Mobile World Congress travel yet?

It’s me again. And I’m here with a pertinent reminder. Mobile World Congress: Are you going?

If you are, then it might be worth booking your travel right now.

I had a look on British Airways and goodness me it looks like they’ve been reading my blogs. The flights out to Barcelona from Heathrow are fairly reasonable at about £100ish. But back… that’s already pricing around £450 — sending the total cost to well over £500.

That’s if you’re partial to BA.

Right now on Expedia, you can get four nights (Sunday until Thursday) during the MWC week AND return flights for £1,253. In what looks like a decent four star hotel.

Screenshot 2015-06-10 01.10.00

I’ve booked mine. In what is now becoming a tradition, I have decided yet again to do a flying visit for just the Wednesday. I think I spent about £50 to snag a business class seat using a whole load of BA points. If you’d like to use your Avios, you’ll need to be quick as it looked like BA are selling out of the special ‘reward’ seats.



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  1. Roland Banks June 11, 2015 at 2:27 pm #

    You don’t hang around do you Ewan, booking this early! Good move though…in the past when I attended it was always a nightmare trying to find suitable price tickets…

  2. jamesbody June 11, 2015 at 7:19 pm #

    I have set up alerts to prompt me to make bookings when BA initiate online sales. I received the alert this weekend informing me that BA had started a flash sale for Business Class travel. I immediately checked MWC dates – and found a return passage LGWBCN for circa £250 – (£148 with Avios points). I was dancing around the room with joy – then went for a shower. On returning, I realised that I had only placed the flight in the ‘purchase pending’ slot – and had failed to complete the transaction – and (inevitably) the transaction had timed out. On re-engaging the purchase request I found out that the price had more than doubled!

    Moral here is to NOT REST until the eTicket is in one’s inbox!

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