My Top 7 apps: Chris Williams from B60 apps

Another Top 7 apps piece sees a new list from Chris Williams of

Here is his list;

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Sky News: Despite there being a whole host of news apps out there, Sky News is my favourite. General, business and sports news is easily accessible and they’re the three main sources of news that I look for most. It’s a really effective news application with a great user experience.

British Airways: It’s a beautifully designed app and as I travel frequently, it’s extremely useful. It is by far the best airline app that I’ve come across, in terms of buying a plane ticket and checking in. It looks great and is a brilliant user experience. You can access all the loyalty programme information on the go and it’s a fantastic companion application when travelling.

Booking.Com: Another app for when I’m travelling, Booking.Com provides a great range of hotels and is really easy to use and quickly book a hotel room. It’s the perfect app to use once you’ve stepped off your flight. This app and BA’s are all you need when travelling abroad.

Podio: At B60, we use Podio as it provides all the information we need to access anytime and anywhere. If I need to access internal or client facing business projects, Podio is a great app for doing this. The communication tools that are embedded within it and the ability that it gives me to communicate with any B60 employee anywhere in the world at any given moment is phenomenal. It’s a really useful business tool.

Hubspot: As I’m close to our marketing team, the Hubspot app is really useful to me. It gives me instant access to key analytical information to any of the teams we work with, whether it’s our digital agencies or our internal marketing and sales teams. I can get access to any info I want immediately and it’s a well-designed and intuitive application.

Sky Demon: As a private pilot, the Sky Demon application is the single best app for any private pilot. It works as a navigation aid and works across tablets and smartphones. It can help you navigate anywhere in the world and has excellent features. It really is a great use of mobile technology and is an amazing app.

Docusign Secure: For someone who has to sign a large number of documents, Docusign Secure is a really useful application. It’s a handy utility app and enables you to scan, sign and store documents straight to your mobile device. It’s a secure application and allows you to look at documents on the go which is a really useful business tool.

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Another great list of apps, I used the docusign app this week. Really useful!


Thanks for the list, Chris!

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