My Top 7 apps: Stephen Morgan from Squiz

I’m back with another Top 7 apps list. This week we have Stephen Morgan, Co-Founder at digital transformation business,

Squiz is a global technology and strategy business that drives digital transformation for its customers. Top rated by analyst house Ovum, Squiz’s clients include Digital UK, Dermalogica, Bendigo Bank, Auckland University and Creative Scotland. Their digital solutions allow organisations to manage complex digital data and service requests in one technologically savvy and beautifully designed portal, driving new value for stakeholders.

Let’s have a look through his list of apps.

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imageTaylor St. Baristas: Like most of us, I need a coffee to get going in the morning! But the reason I like the Taylor St. Baristas app is for its great UX and it’s pay functionality. Paying with my phone saves me time, and the order and collect service means I can order a drink in advance, be directed to the café, check-in and collect my drink at the counter. It’s such a smooth experience.

Amazon: This app has made my Christmas shopping much easier. Amazon is at the top of my list because of TouchID, which lets you order and pay for purchases within seconds using your fingerprint. The simplicity of the app makes Amazon king of ecommerce.

Salford University Matchmaker: I’m always looking for different and innovative apps and I’ve chosen this one because it’s perfectly designed for its audience. It uses the Tinder-style navigation of ‘swipe left, swipe right’ to match students with university courses. Higher Education websites tend to be text and information heavy, but this isn’t how students are used to communicating. Instead they look to apps like Facebook, Instagram and Tinder and Salford University is emulating this to better connect with its audience.

HL Live: Hargreaves Lansdown’s app allows you to deal and share funds on your mobile, and they are a great example of a finance company innovating to provide a service for the 21st Century financer. The best thing about this app is the fact that it’s a HTML5 browser based application, meaning you can get exactly the same functionality through the mobile web.

Uber: This is one of the apps that I use nearly every day as I travel across London to meet clients regularly. Uber has completely changed the private hire world, and many taxi companies didn’t foresee the disruption it would cause. It’s essential for businesses to identify problems in their customer experience and where it could be improved so that you can solve the problem before a start-up like Uber does it for you.

Hulu: Not only am I a huge fan of HBO shows like ‘Silicon Valley’ and ‘True Detective’, but this app stands out because of its user experience. You can stream shows from your smartphone to your TV using the in-app remote control. I use so many different devices that it’s useful to be able to move seamlessly from one to the other.

Evernote: This app will be top of the list for lots of companies looking to improve productivity. A stand out feature is being able to scan receipts and send them straight to your finance team or PA. This saves so much time and makes it easier to record expenses. I believe that if you have to use a search function, then you haven’t been served a customer experience, and this app makes the simplest of tasks completely seamless.

Honourable mention

Withing’s Health Mate: Health Mate lets you track your health based on sensors in your phone. You can collate and track a number of different devices to get a full picture of your activity and performance. I’m interested in the trend for health data because it means we can understand how to change our lifestyles to become healthier.

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Thanks to Stephen for his list of apps today.

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Sarah manages the Top 7 Apps submission series on Mobile Industry Review.

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