Not an April Fool


So tomorrow is the 1st of April, time for the annual hilarity from the industry, as we try to fool our friends and readers. I’ve managed a few corkers over the years myself – although it’s funny how many of them ‘could’ have been true.

Anyway, I wanted to do a bit of a public service announcement to say that if you get a message from one of your friends tomorrow, suggesting that you could win £10,000 just for using an app, that actually won’t be an April Fools gag. It’s real. And it’s not just one chance you have, Tengi gives away a £10,000 prize every week – as well as over 800 smaller prizes.


If you listen to our 361 Podcast you’ll know that Tengi sponsored some of our recent episodes – and we explored the business model they have of giving away 50% of their revenues – hence the weekly £10,000 prize draw.

So here’s a quick cheat sheet for you for tomorrow:

  • Someone writes about Apple launching a new range of iTrees, a tree with a touch screen – April Fools gag.
  • Your friend sends you a message that you can win £10,000 just for using a messaging app – Real, download Tengi.
  • A work colleague tells you your shoelace is undone – April Fools gag (probably).

Hope that helps!


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