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Hello it’s Ewan here with some tips for public relations professionals aiming to get in contact.

  1. I never answer the phone
    I invariably get between 10-20 calls per day from PRs trying to reach me in the standard manner. I am never, ever sitting at a desk waiting for you to call like a lot of other media people. I’m usually consulting during the day which means I am being paid to listen to the client and I really can’t take calls.
  2. If you do call me, expect to speak to Moneypenny
    Moneypenny is my fantastic message-taking service. The ladies will answer your call promptly, tell you (invariably) that I’m in-and-out-of-the-office and ask if they can take a message.
  3. I sometimes react to press releases
    If I happen across your press release in my inbox and if I’m relatively free, or if I think it’s significant enough, I’ll often write it up.
  4. I prioritise email from people I know
    So if we don’t know each other, the chances are I’m going to find it difficult to distinguish between your mail and the 500 other ones that arrived in this morning. If you’d like to construct a relationship, I’m up for that. Drop me a mail and tell me so. Or even better, get me on Twitter. It’s far easier and quicker — if I’m not following you, ask me to follow you and let’s DM.
  5. Arrange a time to talk
    If you’d like to construct a relationship faster, let’s talk on the phone. Drop me a note or a Tweet and I’ll tell you when I’m free. Let’s introduce ourselves to each other so that when I hear from you next, I know what you’re about and I recognise your name.
  6. I’m always keen to publish opinion pieces
    If you’ve got a guest post that you’d like me to publish, I’m probably interested provided it’s relevant to the mobile world and it’s got something to say.
  7. I do sponsored posts and video
    Some clients have a budget and an objective — and they’ll react rather positively if you can tell them you’ve found an influencer who’s keen to work with them to construct some original, stimulating and interesting content that helps them transmit their key messages.
  8. I don’t have a forward features list
    This site is produced on a JIT basis. Just-in-time. Beyond sponsored content, I don’t plan anything. I don’t have an advance features list to email anyone. If you think there’s an area of the market I should be looking at, talk to me.
  9. Embargo policy
    I’m perfectly fine with embargoes. Please mark the material carefully. It’s tremendously helpful if you put a UK or CET date and time as I can easily parse that. My hands get all sweaty when material is marked as “embargoed until 0001 local time Tokyo”. Was that this morning? This evening? Or tomorrow? If in doubt I obviously won’t publish.
  10. Pre-briefings
    Related to embargo, I’m keen to be pre-briefed ahead of time. As an influencer, it’s my job to have an opinion that a lot of the readers can use.
  11. Contributing content is pretty easy
    Find out more at this section.

That’s it so far. I’ll add some more points when I think of them.

The contact details are here.

By the way, I often send out requests for opinion to the MIR audience through our TinyLetter newsletter system. You could find this a valuable resource for staying updated with what’s going on — and especially for presenting the perspective of your clients. Sign up free here —

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