LTE-U may offer an alternative to 5G

The hunt for faster and more stable networks never ends. However, the transition to new technologies is often quite rocky and full of controversy. For instance, many thought that moving to 4G was not essential yet I cannot imagine any frequent user of mobile data nowadays going back to 3G speeds. Now, the US is […]

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setting up a home theater

Getting Started with Home Theaters

Most of my friends, who are not technologically-inclined, find the idea of setting up a home theater to be as daunting as it is fun. Though new technology has certainly allowed more options in the home theater space, the basics remain the same. For the purposes of this article, we will be taking a look […]

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Zuckerberg’s new Facebook manifesto – globalisation or not

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder and CEO, has just released a new essay on his company’s new direction. The 5,700-word manifesto talks about a lot of things but the main idea is to promote globalization. More specifically, the idea that Facebook and other major tech entities have a responsibility to bring the world’s communities together. This […]

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History of gaming consoles

The History of Gaming Consoles

Video games might have once been considered as a part of the “geek” or “nerd” cultures but such stereotypes have all but vanished. The history of gaming consoles may not be well-known to the younger generation but its effects are visible everywhere. Today, the video gaming industry is valued at almost $2 trillion. In 2013, […]

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YouTube Live

YouTube live streaming on mobile will allow fan ‘tips’

YouTube is, without a doubt, the largest and most popular video-hosting service of our times. Even technologically-illiterate people know what YouTube is, after all. The Google-owned company has not rested on its laurels, however. Over the years, the YouTube team have introduced a wide range of features that strive to keep the service at the […]

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Oticon OPN

IoT & Wearables: Disabilities

When we bring IoT and wearables to mind, we often think of extravagant devices. Other times, we might think of niche devices that may or may not serve any real purpose. When smartwatches where at the peak of their popularity, for instance, many questioned the usefulness of such a device. What many of us neglect […]

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Snap Logo

Snap files IPO, reveals finances

.Snapchat has been one of the most interesting apps to watch in the Digital Age. The photo and video sharing app by Snap has become virtually synonymous with disappearing multimedia. It has prompted users to be more creative and has continuously evolved and progressed in various iterations without losing much of its original spirit. At […]

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Google Home vs Amazon Echo

Google Home vs Amazon Echo

When Amazon launched the Echo a little over two years ago, it introduced a simple but effective home automation device to a mainstream audience. Now, Google has provided an alternative with the Home, its answer to Amazon’s home automation speaker. Choosing between Google Home vs Amazon Echo can be challenging for first-time buyers. After going […]

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888 4

Mobile Gaming – A Recipe for Success

Mobile gaming is a notoriously difficult market to break into. There’s currently a huge number of developers eager to make successful games, and as such the app stores are being flooded with new prospects, many of which are destined to fade into obscurity. For a mobile game to become successful, it’s essential that the developers […]

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