Malaysians sent 21 billion texts last year

Link: The Sun Daily. MALAYSIANS displayed their penchant and dependence on the Short Messaging System (SMS) by sending 21.03 billion messages last year, said Energy, Telecommunications and Water Minister Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik. "Of the total, 6.02 billion messages were transmitted during the major festive periods of Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali, Christmas and […]

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MMS used to blackmail girl

Link: DNA – Mumbai – MMS again: Three held for blackmailing minor – Daily News & Analysis. A minor girl, believed to be in ‘love” with a 31-year-old man, almost got sucked into a sex racket when she was allegedly filmed in a sexually explicit position by two persons in connivance with her boyfriend. The […]

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Stop human noise pollution in the cinema

Link: US movie theaters may ask to jam cell phones. US movie theater owners faced with falling attendance are considering asking federal authorities for permission to jam cell phone reception in an attempt to stop annoying conversations during films, the head of the industry’s trade group said on Tuesday, reports Reuters. ALLOOOOOH? YEAH YEAH […]

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Moblogging – the end of society as we know it

Link: Darla Mack: CBS News 8 Crimefighters Can Kiss My Moblog!!!. Some reporter over at CBS News 8 in San Diego (KFMB to be exact) decided to test their skills at inappropriate journalism and came up with this dumbass story regarding moblogging. Darla quite rightly points out the annoyingly wrong points about the story she […]

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SMS bigger than movies, video and software

Link: Xyling Java Blog: SMS bigger than movies, video and software. Ajit has posted an interesting finding. Total SMS revenues in 2005 were about 75 Billion USD which is much more than Hollywood box office, Videogaming, consoles and all software. SMS is a 90% profit business.

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MobileGlu and BuddyPing updated

Ah they must be drinking a hell of a lot of caffeine over at BuddyPing/MobileGlu.  I’ve just had two update emails from Justin and the team declaring new features. If you haven’t already checked them out, do so.  I use both services regularly now that I’ve got a proper phone AND a proper mobile internet […]

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Traffic Warden Watch service launched in Glasgow

Link: News – Scotland – Early-warning service helps motorists beat the Enforcers. DOZENS of drivers are signing up to an early-warning service which aims to alert them when one of the Capital’s dreaded parking Enforcers is hovering near their car. Warden Watch works by encouraging motorists to keep an eye out for each other’s […]

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Uplifting text service for Muslims launched

Link: BBC NEWS | Scotland | Texts ‘uplift’ Muslim communities. A mobile phone text messaging service which aims to boost the quality of life for Muslims has been launched. It sends daily uplifting messages to "spiritually enlighten" its users. The service was the brainchild of Dundee entrepreneur Nazir Daud, who saw an opportunity to make […]

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Annie Lennox texts her name to support Oxfam

Link: News – Scotland – Edinburgh – Singer lights up fight to put end to poverty. SCOTS singer Annie Lennox will be in Edinburgh tonight to see her name up in lights as part of a new Oxfam crusade. The 51-year-old star is to be the first person to have her name projected on […]

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Teen wins ban on nude pics

Link: Teen wins ban on nude pics. The teenage daughter of a retired minister of religion in Mpumalanga obtained an interdict in Pretoria High Court against an 18-year-old youth after he’d spread photos of her that she had sent him via her cellphone. I wonder if there shouldn’t be some sort of Sending-Naked-Pics Sex-Education classes […]

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Link: Consumers are/aren’t hot for mobile TV: World Cup edition – Engadget Mobile. "..feuds over formats, standards and rights have left the service providers with a hodge podge of offerings that will likely drive viewers straight home to their fixed-location sets." I’m delighted to see it’s not just me.  Absolutely ridiculous performance by the mobile […]

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