SMS text credit check service introduced launches SMS credit check facility, the on-line property rental company, has launched a credit check facility without a monthly fee – and only a per transaction fee – which is expected to provide a significant service to businessmen and businesses who need to conduct fast and efficient credit checks. Wicked idea!  I wonder […]

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Vodafone tests 1.8mb 3g wireless service

3G Broadband is being deployed at 1.8Mbit/s which offers peak transfer rates for customers of around 1.4Mbit/s in downlink mode, approximately 4 times the speed currently available on 3G. This will offer mobile users the very first opportunity to experience the current standard DSL rate. At this stage, 3G Broadband technology access is available to […]

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Reformatting your life to Apple

I had a massive computer screw-up on Thursday.  It was, of course, very well timed and I ended up having to work through the night on another computer.  My task would have taken about 20 minutes on my normal workstation — but this stretched to well over 4 hours on an unprepared machine. I was […]

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US Senate refuses to implement mobile driving ban

Link: Times Community Newspapers – Local News – 03/08/2006 – House panel says it is OK for teens to chat and drive. For the second year in a row, efforts by Sen. Jay O’Brien (R-Fairfax) to prevent teen drivers from using cell phones while behind the wheel of a car have been thwarted. Last week’s […]

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Forget long term customer loyalty

Link: Guardian Unlimited Business | | Serial telephony. Forget long-term customer loyalty: the best that mobile operators can hope for these days is a brief encounter, writes Mark Tran I’m a regular reader of Mark Tran’s writing whenever I can.  In this article he discusses a recent report concluding short term ‘episodic’ relationships are the […]

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That girl is ok..

Link: United Press International�-�The Washington Times, America’s Newspaper. A 13-year-old New Jersey girl who went missing Monday and text messaged an SOS to her mother was found safe in New York Thursday.       A Manhattan taxi driver called the family’s home early Thursday to say he had Natasha Browne in his cab and that […]

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TextPayMe – quick with innovation

Link: TextPayMe Blog: The "Don’t bug me" option: requests and phone calls. Another neat feature we added is the ability to turn off the authorization phone calls when you pay under $15 a day. When this feature enabled, you can make up to $15 worth of payments (combined) each day and not have to receive […]

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Report noxious vehicle fumes by text in Malta

Link: INDEPENDENT online. The public can report any vehicle emitting noxious fumes by sending an SMS with the vehicle registration number to 50611899. Each sms costs 2c for both Vodafone and go mobile subscribers. Over 52,000 text reports have been filed since August 2004!  I would use this if they had it in the UK.  […]

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Missing girl sends SMS to mother

Link: Missing girl sends SMS to mother – MobileTracker. A 13-year old New Jersey girl that went missing on Monday has sent her mother a series of chilling text message describing her situation. One of the messages reads: "Someone was following me and I just don’t remember what happened. I just woke up in a […]

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Origami — still quite underwhelmed

Link: First Origami tablets unfold at CeBIT 2006 (Update 1) – infoSync World. Following rampant rumours online, the first ultraportable tablets running Microsoft’s Touch Pack for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 have been unveiled at the CeBIT 2006 consumer electronics fair in Hannover. I was one of the plumbs who bought those Smart Display […]

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Make Texting / SMS Cheaper

In the light of the fact that Orange recently increased their standard out of bundle text cost to £0.12 per message, I thought it was time to do something about the market. I just. Can’t. Get. My. Head. Around. It.  They’re putting the price… UP?  What is going through these mobile operator’s heads? Forget MMS […]

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Google Calendar to include SMS notifications

Link: TechCrunch – Exclusive Screenshots: Google Calendar. I now have possession of screenshots from Google’s long delayed new Ajax calendar application Gorgeous! 😉  I’ve been looking out for a Google Calendar.  Although I’m sure it won’t be offered with Outlook synchronisation … I may well continue to use Trumba for my online calendaring.  I’m pleased […]

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