Scripps Network & Proteus launch mobile TV text voting

Link: Proteus Brings Mobile Voting To The Home, Garden, and Kitchen. Proteus, Inc., a leading creator and developer of mobile entertainment, has teamed-up with Scripps Networks to allow viewers of their flagship reality shows — ‘HGTV Design Star” and ‘The Next Food Network Star II” — vote for their favorite contestants right from their mobile […]

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US teens in cell phone confiscation protest

Link: New York Daily News – City Life – Generation text. When John Jay High School in Park Slope began confiscating its students’ cell phones, more than 200 of the teens reacted angrily by protesting outside. By the time it was all over, five of them were arrested, one spent the night in jail for […]

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Voice-based SMS coming

Link: IBNLive : Voice-based SMS to be introduced soon. Sending messages through your mobile phone is all set to become easier. There will be no need to key in messages. Soon, you will be able to send an SMS voice mail. I think this will be a little while away for those with a Scottish […]

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Texting to bring out the masses

Link: | 04/19/2006 | Texting is taking it to the streets. He thought he’d be lucky to see even 300 people show up at that first Dallas protest; it ended up drawing between 3,000 and 4,000 people. Radio personalities, fliers and e-mails helped the effort. But the fliers ran out, and e-mail is only […]

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SMS monitoring for temperature critical processes

Link: SMS monitoring for temperature critical processes: News from Mendip Micro Systems. Mendip Micro Systems has developed a low cost SMS (text message) monitoring system specifically designed for small, temperature critical, processes. Useful for industrial applications such as fish farms, cold stores, greenhouses and the like.

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0044 Local & International Sim Cards

Link: Local & International Sim Cards from 0044. Welcome to Travelling abroad? Using a mobile phone abroad (roaming) is incredibly expensive. Calls can cost £2.00 p/min to make and £1.80 p/min to receive! I just came across this site just now.  Fantastic!  Whenever I go looking for sim cards on the web from abroad […]

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Omnilert launches e2Campus 2.0 for colleges and universities

Omnilert have upgraded their e2Campus SMS alerts service for colleges and universities to version 2.0.  It’s got a host of new features: – a few lines of code added to the website and SMS sign-up is integrated right away– alerts can be dynamically added to the institution’s website… very smart– additional group management functions (this […]

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HOT: Opera Mini browser

I have been using Opera Mini for a month or so now across multiple phone handsets.  It’s brilliant.  I thought it definitely deserved mega hot status!  If you haven’t already experienced it, you can download it over-the-air by visiting in your phone’s crappy browser.  It’ll be installed in no time. I’m absolutely delighted with […]

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4INFO updates again; offers content search and download

I have a thing for software and services that update regularly.  I just like it.  I like to know that someone’s at home with the lights switched on.  I like it when you click ‘check for updates’ on a piece of software and even though it’s only been two weeks, the system downloads another tweak.  […]

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I got the above brochure through the post today.  Really sexy glitzy marketing.  Very well done. The problem for the marketing chaps? Their product actually lets them down. "Everything from music to games, football, comedy, the news and ringtunes …" Everything that YOU have decided I can have.  That’s the fundamental point.  I’d be quite […]

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