Pray as you go to spread the Catholic Word via text

Link: News – Scotland – Pray as you go to spread the Catholic Word via mobiles. The Roman Catholic Church in Scotland is about to score a UK first by urging followers to pray, protest and ponder via their mobile phones. The nation’s 270,000 active Catholics will be offered the unique text message service, […]

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SMS to save NHS £370 million/year

Mobile texting to save the NHS £370 million a year | – Health It’s claimed today that mobile phone texting could save the NHS millions of pounds a year. If patients were texted to remind them to take their drugs and turn up for appointments experts at Imperial College believe that patient care would […]

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Text from your home phone with Magic Messenger

Tech Digest: Texting device for your home phone If you’re so antisocial you can’t even be bothered to speak to people when you’re calling from your home phone, BoysStuff is selling just the gadget for you. The £19.25 Magic Messenger, which lets you send texts using your landline, means you may never have to bother […]

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Mms-ing local government

Link: Springwise: Mms-ing local government. Initiated in February 2005, Love Lewisham involves residents in keeping the southeast borough of London clean. After installing special software on their cameraphone, observant townspeople can snap a picture of ‘offending graffiti’ or overflowing litter bins, enter location details, and send it to the local council. The picture is then […]

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Imoden Heap’s Moblog on

Link: Alfies’ Blog � Blog Archive � Imogen Heap Moblog. The wonderful, svelte, stunning musician Imogen Heap has been moblogging with us for a long long time. With her current tour, release of her new (incredible) album, Speak For Yourself, and whatnot, she has invited her fans to send in pics of her gigs, or […]

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Mobileglu updated again, now with Blogger support

Link: New Client released with Blogger and Internationalisation fixed | mobileGlu. Justin and the team are continuing their march! If you haven’t checked out mobileGlu, point your (decent) phone to to download the client and get an account on the site.  The client is now offering full caching so you can do a ‘sync’ […]

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Water pipe leaks reported by text

Link: BBC NEWS | England | Water pipe leaks reported by text. The details of underground water leaks are to be texted to a water firm as part of a high-tech project to cut the amount of water lost. About 5,000 transmitters are being installed under streets and pavements across the North West by water […]

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Vodafone still a global(ish) company

Link: Vodafone says no to selling stake in Verizon Wireless – Engadget Mobile. Voda CEO Arun Sarin said, "We are happy with our position in the U.S. and have no current plans to exit," I’m pleased to hear.  What with their ‘exit’ (or screw-up, depending on your viewpoint) in Japan, I certainly reckon they needed […]

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Taking a look at Orange pay-as-you-go

Link: Orange – the Orange shop. A pay as you go SIM Card is an easy way to join Orange – just pop it into an Orange phone to start using our services. free texts and more Join Orange and enjoy the following benefits: – one fixed rate all day – up to 1000 free […]

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SMS has still holding its own against content-rich services

Link: The Star Online : TechCentral – Malaysia Technology. The research firm’s Marco Polo Survey 2005 noted that despite the proliferation of content-rich mobile data services, such as mobile phone payment, online mobile gaming and mobile e-mail, the take up rate is still dismal compared to that of SMS (short message service). The survey, conducted […]

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ROK – the emperor’s new clothes?

Link: Mobile Marketing Magazine: Is this the Ultimate Mobile TV Service?. Mobile technology company ROK Entertainment has revealed plans to launch a set-top box that will relay TV programmes from a consumer’s living room to their mobile phone, with no additional subscription cost involved. David at Mobile Marketing Magazine isn’t wrong.  If ROK can deliver […]

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