Living Digital magazine totally integrates SMS

Link: ZDNet India > Insight > pressreleases > Living Digital Becomes Indias first Magazine to go Completely Interactive. Living Digital (LD), the digital lifestyle magazine from CyberMedia becomes the first publication in the country to go completely interactive over SMS. Readers of LD can now interact directly with the writers over SMS, with their queries […]

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Get your electricity bill via text

Link: Sun.Star Zamboanga – ‘Know your electric bill thru text’. Dubbed as "Zamcelco Txt Power," the program gives member-consumers the privilege to know their current electric bills simply through text. This is a brilliant use of technology.  Whether it is implemented by mobile or even online, I would use it.

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Buy credit for ringtones and games

Link: Beacon Journal | 04/17/2006 | Content creators bypass carriers. Smaller companies are doing an end-run around carriers like Verizon Wireless or Cingular Wireless LLC by turning to bricks-and-mortar stores or off-line promotions, thus avoiding the fees associated with placement on mainstream mobile portal sites. For San Jose, Calif.-based PlayPhone Inc., that means selling $5-$20 […]

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45% of US Teens have mobiles

Link: Lansing State Journal: Teens hooked on cell phones: Is it bad, or are there benefits?. Shirley Marie once put Rachel on cell speaker so they could talk while Shirley Marie took a shower. Another time, Shirley Marie talked her phone down from "three bars" to nothing, ran over to the charger, plugged in the […]

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30,000 ‘citizen cops’ help K.L. police force by SMS

Link: 30,000 now helping cops. It started off as a project to get city folks involved in police crime prevention activities but Rakan Cop has since grown into a 30,000-strong force that has become the eyes and ears of the boys in blue. SAC Jamaluddin said that before Rakan Cop was launched, city police received […]

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Link: – SMS Blogging. is a free tool to let you post to your blog (or blogs) by sending SMS text messages to them. The way it works is that you register on the site and then add your blogs to your account or profile. You also add your phone number. Your phone […]

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Nokia N90 – to buy, or not to buy

Oh decisions, decisions.  To buy an N90 or not?  When I saw the quality of the N90 videos the other day I immediately resolved to buy one.  I scoured ebay for a sweet deal.  Then I took a look at Expansys (picture to the left from there) to see what the actual price was running […]

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Skittles launches BuddyPing for its customers

In my day, you were lucky if a confectionery brand put on a competition where you could win books for your school, or something equally annoying (from a teenage perspective, anyway). Not a bit of this with the latest Skittles promotion though.  Look at this!  They’re giving away free BuddyPing accounts for their customers to […]

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Iranian President is no joking matter

Link: Heard the one about the president? : Mail & Guardian Online. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Islamic nation’s firebrand leader, has taken umbrage at an unwelcome SMS received on his cellphone. According to whispered accounts in the Iranian capital, his ire was stirred when someone sent him a joke suggesting he didn’t wash regularly enough.

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GoldPocket and Boost Mobile give away recording contract

Link: Boost Mobile Aims to Find Next Rock Star – 4/14/2006 10:26:00 AM – Wireless Week – CA6324995. With the help of GoldPocket Wireless, Sprint Nextel’s Boost Mobile is harnessing the power of SMS to find the best new college band or artist. The band that receives the most SMS votes from college students will […]

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Vodafone + fixed line = Clueless. Discuss.

Link: Communities Dominate Brands. Imagine if Boeing in 1950 had said "no the future is not going to be these airplanes that we sell, we are going to shift into the trains business." Or more currently, if in the 1990s Microsoft had said no, this e-mail thing will not be significant to the future of […]

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