HOT: Jonathan Bass, Incentivated

If I meet anyone connected with the mobile industry, I always ask them if they can give me a hot recommendation.  Just a few sentences on a company, service, product or person that they really rate in the marketplace.  No limits.  It’s always interesting to see what people suggest.  My latest ‘hot’ recommendation comes from […]

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First Origami tablets unfold at CeBIT 2006 – infoSync World

Link: First Origami tablets unfold at CeBIT 2006 – infoSync World. On the eve of the unveiling of Intel and Microsoft’s much-hyped Ultra Mobile PC slash Origami concept, the first specimen is spotted in the wild at CeBIT. Meet the miniscule Samsung Q1. Ah I was hoping for something a bit more industry-changing.  They’ve gone […]

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David Murphy and Mobile Marketing Magazine

Link: Mobile Marketing Magazine is the online magazine dedicated to mobile marketing. The site is designed as a one-stop shop for information about mobile marketing, including news, views, campaigns, case studies and advice. Mobile Marketing Magazine is edited by David Murphy, a journalist specialising in marketing and technology. I got a note today from […]

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Obopay, TextPayMe, Way Systems, Mobilelime

Link: SiliconBeat: Obopay: Will let you pay for almost anything with your cell phone. Really.. We’re aware of several other competitors: Textpayme, of Redmond, WA, which uses text messaging to send payments to other phones; Way Systems, of Woburn, Mass., founded about four years ago, and backed by Bessemer Venture Partners and VantagePoint Venture Partners; […]

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Obopay mobile payments service gets $10m investment

Link: SiliconBeat: Obopay: Will let you pay for almost anything with your cell phone. Really.. Obopay is a Palo Alto start-up that boasts it will be the first service to allow customers to pay for just about anything with their mobile phones. Their funding could really help them dominate the marketplace quickly…

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Link: AdAge. Despite the glowing predictions of the wireless industry, advertising and cellphone-based content distribution do not appear to be jelling well yet. The latest big wireless content plays are exclusively subscription based and fear of consumer backlash is one of the reasons for that.

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China Mobile requires double refund for overcharging

Link: China Mobile (CHA) has issued a circular to each of its branches and service providers (SPs), asking them to double refund consumers for any overcharging of mobile services. However, China Mobile has not included MMS and WAP into the list of items available to receive this refund. A China Mobile representative that these […]

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HOT: Mobile Karaoke as the next big thing?

Link: Communities Dominate Brands. You called a special number to join in the mobile karaoke. You sang your song into the recording. You then listened to it, that you were satisfied with it. Then you entered your song. And others would listen to the songs and vote. Conceptually this is brilliant. And what of the […]

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Catherine Keener texting her mate @ Oscars

Link: Defamer, the L.A. Gossip Rag: Oscar Moments: Catherine Keener Bored Five Minutes Into Ceremony. Another reader just sent in this screengrab of the moment, which seems to out Capote co-star Catherine Keener as the already-bored thumb-typist. (Even worse, the device looks more like a cellphone than a Blackberry, making the moment still more awkward–what […]

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PayPal Mobile plays 2nd fiddle to TextPayMe

Link: Third Screen: PayPal goes mobile – Mar. 6, 2006. Now, in a push to expand its business outside eBay, which bought PayPal in 2002, PayPal is aggressively hiring to staff up a new mobile-payments service. It already has some talent in-house � for example, Mathias Entenmann, who is one of Paypal’s top executives and […]

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Couple in India are having a bad day…

Link: Couple lose mobile with explicit MMS. Twenty-four-year-old Meetna Desai (name changed) and Rossario D’Souza are engaged and will be married soon. But before they take their wedding vows, they have taken another vow. They will never shoot explicit MMSes of themselves again. Last night, Desai left her Nokia 3230 camera mobile phone in an […]

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