Sony Ericsson reckons mobile TV is the way ahead

Link: Sony Ericsson to offer TV phones soon : Think beyond MMS and video clips; television is going to be the next big thing on mobile. Television on mobile phones could become a mass market feature in a couple of years, the head of world number five mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson said on […]

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Too much information via SMS is bad for Politicians

Link: Malaysian National News Agency :: BERNAMA. There is no need to gauge the popularity of leaders through short messaging service (SMS) as it does not reflect their actual capabilities, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. I’ve been following this story recently.  It spiked a bit of interest… it’s fascinating to see […]

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Google Calendar – SMS reminders for US only

I’ve just setup my Google Calendar.  It’s rather swish.  As I think I blogged a few months ago, alas, the SMS reminder function is only available to US mobile subscribers.  Have a look by clicking on the image to the left and you’ll see the available selection. I wonder if Google is actually not sending […]

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Entry deadline extended for 2006 Mobile Messaging Awards

Link: 160Characters Association. The main entry deadline has been extended to Wednesday 19th April following our website server problems. A late entry and final deadline of 28th April with an entry fee surcharge. Don’t wait till the last moment! Enter NOW! You can read more details about the deadlines and entry fees here. Make sure […]

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Malaysian Politician not impressed with SMS poll

Link: Welcome to Sun2Surf. MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu slammed an SMS poll which pits the popularity of two leaders for the party’s No. 2. He said only leaders who lack influence, credibility and strength within the Indian community and the party would attempt to gauge their support or popularity through SMS polls. […]

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MobileActive gunning for US marketshare

Link: MobileActive to hit US market this month. Mobile content and entertainment provider MobileActive Ltd will launch services in the US later this month, as part of a plan to target the more than 200 million mobile users in the country.

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Australian liquor chain BWS doesn’t quite get mobile yet

Link: Tailored texting targets customers for liquor chain – Technology – The Woolworths-owned liquor chain BWS has signed up to a service that allows customers to get the location of the nearest store sent to their handset by a return text message. The retailer is introducing the service nationally after a trial in Queensland […]

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MindMatics wins Virgin Mobile USA deal

Link: MindMatics to Support Virgin Mobile USA in Operation, Distribution of MMS Alert Services. MindMatics announced today that it has signed an agreement with Virgin Mobile USA to operate and distribute Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) Alerts Services for Virgin Mobile wireless phone customers. I’ve done a bit of work with MindMatics London in the past […]

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HSBC launches MoniLink banking by mobile

Link: | New media | HSBC to launch bank service on a mobile. HSBC and its First Direct offshoot yesterday became the first banks to sign up to a new service that allows customers to check their bank balance, receive mini-statements and top up their pre-pay call time using their mobile phones. Pretty nifty.  […]

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Young Americans on the phone 22 hours a month

Link: village voice > arts > Education Supplement 2006 by Jessie Pascoe. And in 2005, according to new-media research company Telephia, Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 are the ones talking the most on cell phones, averaging almost 22 hours a month. 22 hours a month equates to 3% of your life…  hanging […]

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Cellphones to blame for anxiety & low self-esteem?

Link: Handphone Use Linked To Anxiety, Low Self-esteem :: Brisbane-based consumer behaviour researcher Diana James said the handphone had become a "huge part" of people’s social lives, so much so that excessive mobile users were experiencing personal problems ranging from agitation if forced to turn them off, to low self-esteem if they did not […]

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