Vodafone Japan launches bluetooth location-aware chat

Link: Vodafone K.K. to Launch New Chat and Multiplayer Game Services; Bluetooth(R) V-applis Enables Even Richer Communication. Vodafone K.K. today announces new services that use Bluetooth(R)*1 technology for wireless short-range communications. The services will launch together with the Vodafone 904SH, a new 3G mobile handset by Sharp scheduled to go on sale in late April […]

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UK Valentines lovers send 120 million love messages

Mobile Marketing Magazine: Love is…an SMS Britain’s young, and not so young, romantics turned to their mobiles in droves to tell their loved ones what they thought of them on Valentine’s Day, sending 120 million text messages. That figure was topped only by that for the New Year period, when 165 million texts were sent. […]

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Hopsital staff get one-touch VOIP mini phone

Cornwall NHS staff get VoIP phone badges Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust has issued its staff with voice-activated handsfree ‘badges’, worn around the neck on a lanyard, which can put any user in touch with another member of staff just by saying their name or department into a microphone. Cool! I hope this is more […]

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Mobile Operators, walled gardens, no clue

Link: Operators Don’t Sell Internet Access at MobHappy. That’s the problem — a closed attitude that operators have to be at the center of everything, instead of empowering other content and service providers and working out an ecosystem through which everyone can profit. How many times will carriers’ closed systems have to fail before they […]

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Nokia N90 Edgeio Listing

I’m experimenting with Edgeio to see if anyone might want to buy this Nokia N90 — new and completely unopened — £400. edgeio-key: 44dbcffa5ac15c772ac0edc3c5b16015ed8ccd3d

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Joining OTOV: One man’s quest

There has to be a better way than paying 14 pence a text and 40 pence a minute to other mobiles.  You know what, I’ve heard about this thing… if you’re lucky… and if you can find them… maybe you can get……. [ the screen goes fuzzy ] I’m hoping that some day soon I’ll […]

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Vodafone UK SMS tariff: 14 pence a text

How does everyone else do it?  I must be missing a trick.  Really, I must.  Everyone who’s on Vodafone, they just simply eat the cost?  Even, you know, mobile experts?  And people who think they know a lot but don’t quite, like me? 14 pence to text someone after you’ve run out of inclusive texts?  […]

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I’m up for grabs

So I’m anybody’s bitch — in the context of mobile phone service supply.  I’ve been browsing around.  I feel that I need to have a ‘proper’ mobile.  I’m missing out on cool things.  I’m not able to be normal when I’m using the T-mobile MDA Pro.  Reasonably good device, but you know, it lacks a […]

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