Virgin Mobile (UK) – Shop – Find a phone – Motorola L6 “When it comes to thinness, the Motorola L6 is the out and out winner. This is no lightweight when it comes to the features….it offers Bluetooth that allows you to transfer snapshot images and other files to and from the phone. It also […]

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Trancending your mobile network

Alfies’ Blog » Blog Archive » Transcend your mobile network I’ve been meaning to get together a list of the applications I use to help me get out of the money grabbing reaches of my network for a while now, and since it’s monday, and we all need a bit of cheering up on a […]

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Jeff Jarvis enjoys connectivity — in London!

BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » The joys of connectivity I’m in London and thanks to advice from Ken Rutkowski, I just did something need with my telephony: I forwarded my U.S. mobile to my Skype account and, in turn, forward that to a UK mobile phone, so my family and colleagues can call my U.S. […]

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1 billion 3g users by 2012

1 Billion 3G HSPA Users by 2012 In a new report, mobile industry body The UMTS Forum forecasts that there will be almost one billion active users of High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) networks by 2012. How many of these 1 billion users will be sat sending text messages to each other for 12.5 pence […]

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Hutchinson subscribers can ‘borrow’ credit

Just as Alfie and Justin have been discussing… – Latest technology news, india, international, electronics, IT and telecom news Hutch has introduced ‘Borrow Talktime’ for its prepaid subscribers in Delhi, wherein Hutch prepaid subscribers will be able to transfer talktime from their numbers to any other local Hutch prepaid number.

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Indian police use text to calm and inform

Police SMS to the rescue of citizens – A few days ago, the city was rife with rumours that some unidentified schoolchildren were being kidnapped and taken to Gosala. Anxious parents made frenetic calls to the Police Control Room (PCR) on January 20 and in minutes the city was abuzz with the rumours spreading […]

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Vodafone mobile vending machines; again

Vodafone UK deploys mobile-vending machine | The Register Vodafone is deploying a mobile vending machine for the benefit of the phone-hungry public of Manchester. As The Register says, I remember reading about this a few months ago. 

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Sprint’s new Picture Mail service

Sprint’s new PCS Picture Mail allows online media sharing, collaboration – Engadget Mobile Following closely on the heels of Yahoo!’s ZoneTag mobile photo solution comes a new service for Sprint customers that will allow them to upload text, photos, and video clips to a web page for viewing and editing by others.

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Upload photos to Flickr with geocodes

Yahoo! ZoneTag 2-click-uploads location-tagged photos to Flickr – Engadget Mobile Yahoo! has just rolled out a new application for Nokia Series 60 handset owners that allows them to not only 2-click upload their cameraphone photos to Flickr, but actually tag them with general location data for personal reference and providing viewers with context. This is […]

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4INFO updates text alerts service

Got a note from Bob Roth at 4INFO to say that they’ve updated the registration process for message alerts to make it much simpler to shop for what you’re looking for.  Here’s what he said: We were there for Web 2.0 (well, some of us… like me) and we remember this, “Let the customer see […]

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4 God so luvd 2 txt

SMSBible SMSBible allows you to send Bible verses of your choice together with your own personal message (up to about 150 characters total) to groups of people. Each verse is translated into ‘SMS Language’ – the full Contemporary English Version (CEV) with a modern twist! True meaning and order of words retained – 100% faithful […]

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Car ‘thief’ boasts by text

icTeesside – Confession by text Text messages sealed the fate of a stolen car’s proud owner who used his mobile phone to boast about his new wheels, a court heard. Dean Howard celebrated the purchase of a stolen Lexus by texting his mother: “You should see my new car… It’s a ringer,” Teesside Crown Court […]

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