KeyPoint gets £5m to push revolutionary texting software Business – KeyPoint lures high-fliers and £5m funding Scottish start-up KeyPoint Technologies has lured a Silicon Valley high-flyer to Glasgow after he was impressed by its revolutionary texting software. The company, which is close to raising £5m, produces software used in PDAs, mobile phones and personal computers and is recruiting 60 staff in anticipation […]

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Vodafone, Orange, IM and not getting ‘it’

Link: Vodafone and Orange join messaging forces. ‘The exact pricing depends on the markets’ in various countries, Young said. ‘Some markets charge on a data volume basis, and since instant messages tend to be longer than SMS messages, the price would be (somewhat) higher.’ Arrgh.  I think I will explode if I find out that […]

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Depressed teens offered counsel via SMS

Link: South Africa: New SMS Initiative to Help Stop Teen Suicide. "We have been continuously receiving SMSs even after hours. Our consultants are quite busy answering teens from across the country. The response has been amazing and better than what we expected," Ms Heather McAlpine of the organisation said. I like it.  However, I […]

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Text Traffic Police with updates

Link: Alerting the cops via SMS. THE next time you are caught in a traffic crawl in Taiping, just send on SMS to ‘POLISPK 32728′ about the situation and a traffic policeman is likely to be at the scene shortly after to regulate traffic flow. I really like this — you know when some sort […]

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Etisalat introduces SMS anti-spam service

Link: Etisalat introduces SMS anti-spam service | Etisalat. Any customer who wishes to have their number removed from the mailing list of a content provider will now need to only send an SMS to 1011 mentioning the content provider’s name or short code, and the customer will be immediately taken off the list. This is […]

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SMS invented in 1861 ;-)

Link: 160Characters Association. So far this story could be about SMS, but in fact we are talking about the arrival of the humble postcard. Here’s one of those headlines that makes you look twice.  Rob Hellstrom has done an enlightening piece of research on the postcard vs SMS.  Check it out: Here

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Antivirus companies looking for more cash in mobiles

Link: Antivirus look to get locked into cells | CNET Now the antivirus industry is turning its attention to mobile phones–but it’s running into reluctance from cell service providers, who aren’t so sure that the handset is the best place to handle security. I agree with the operator perspective.  My Nokia N70 has some […]

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SMS to TV – an Indian market overview

Link: The Hindu Business Line : That’s the message . But the euphoria over SMS is changing. Talent-based reality shows are bearing the brunt of SMS votes with undertones of provincial interests. This article is a very worthwhile read to learn what’s going on across the Indian SMS to television (and vice versa) marketplace.  Apparently […]

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SMS voting is completely unfair says singer

Link: Selecting singers via SMS unfair : BHAJAN SINGER Anoop Jalota has described the process of selecting budding singers from talent hunt television programmes by sending SMSs as unfair. One imagines that Anoop Jalota already has fame and fortune, ergo it’s easy for him to criticise. He maintains that judges should decide talent competitions, […]

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Query land records in seconds by text

Link: IBNLive : Property deals on the mobile phone. In a few minutes, you’ll get the details on ownership, size and locality of the property without paying a penny. At the moment this application is restricted to the town survey data of the Hyderabad only. Only in Hyderabad, India, at the moment — but nevertheless […]

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VoipStunt – potentially unusable?

So Alfie has been using VoipStunt all day every day since he found the service.  I on the other hand, have not.  I’ve used it a good amount of time to test it out. First I phoned my business partner Hetty using it.  I asked her what she thought of it as we talked.  Being […]

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