INFONXX Unveils 2-Way SMS Directory Assistance

Link: INFONXX(R) Unveils 2-Way SMS Directory Assistance @ SYS-CON Media. INFONXX, the world’s largest independent provider of directory assistance and enhanced information services, announced today at CTIA Wireless 2006 the availability of the enhanced TextDirect Suite featuring the industry’s first 2-Way Short Message Service (SMS) directory assistance. This allows wireless carriers and Mobile Virtual Network […]

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Motorola SLVR L7 – iSync on Apple

You’re having a laugh! Geez, it’s working! Ok.  So here is the solution for anyone who finds themselves in the same boat.  If you want to synchronise your SLVR L7 with an Apple over Bluetooth, forget it.  USE A USB CABLE I thought I’d just try the cable you see, last ditch attempt before heading […]

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SLVR L7 continuing saga

Right I put everything to one side and did some proper ultra research deep into the amazonian style jungles of the motorola modders.  I’ve flashed the phone successfully with a recent upgrade.  Baited breath while I check with the Apple and bluetooth… Nah.  Doesn’t work. No services detected. Conveniently my phone is now ‘e-plus’ branded.  […]

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Find your nearest outlet via text

Link: freepressreleases – Find your nearest outlet via text SMS message. smARTebusiness, the UK based digital marketing agency, announced the release of their innovative ‘Find Your Nearest’ software.  Customer’s can now find where their nearest outlet is for a particular product by simply sending their postcode via text message.

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An update on the Motorola SLVR L7

So I am delighted with the SLVR L7 that I bought the other week.  Slim, sleek and light in the pocket.  I have been swapping various sims around in it and it’s been sat beautifully in my suit pocket for most of the week.  The real annoyance is that I suspect it’s firmware is well […]

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Mad for a ROKR

Don’t ask me why as I don’t think I can explain it.  I almost bought a Motorola ROKR today.  The Carphone Warehouse have stopped selling them — at least the Liverpool Street branch has, anyway.  So I didn’t buy one. For a brief moment I thought it would be rather cool to have a phone […]

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easyMobile 1p a text (to other easyMobile customers)

Link: 160Characters Association. easyMobile has dropped its price for text messages to others on the same network in the UK to just 1p. Launched on 1st April, the offer ends is advertised as ending on 31st December 2006 and includes voice calls at 3p a minute. Prices remain at 15p for voice calls and 5p […]

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Mobile Strategies by Tom Weiss

  DSC00047.JPG    Originally uploaded by ew4n. Just arrived this morning is Mobile Strategies by Tom Weiss.  (More details here). I’ve had a quick peruse through already and it’s looking rather well done indeed.  I am going to set aside some time to read it properly shortly.  (Took the image on my Sony Ericsson W550i […]

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ShoZu soon to connect into blogs, CNN, BBC and allow two-way comments

Link: Cognima News Release. ShoZu, the market’s smartest one-click image sharing solution for camera phones, today announced new features making it the first service to offer photo and video uploading to multiple personal blog and citizen photo-journalism sites such as Blogger, Typepad, WordPress, CNN, the BBC and Scoopt. These and other new features, including the […]

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Omnilert’s e2Campus ‘free’ to Florida Universities & Colleges

Link: Florida Universities & Community Colleges Can Apply for Funds to Purchase e2Campus Emergency Notification System. Omnilert LLC, developers of the e2Campus mass notification system, today announced that public universities and community colleges within the Florida Department of Education (DOE) can apply for funds originally allocated from Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to cover the […]

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