VoipStunt – potentially unusable?

So Alfie has been using VoipStunt all day every day since he found the service.  I on the other hand, have not.  I’ve used it a good amount of time to test it out. First I phoned my business partner Hetty using it.  I asked her what she thought of it as we talked.  Being […]

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Nokia’s N91 due March 2nd? – Engadget Mobile

Link: Nokia’s N91 due March 2nd? – Engadget Mobile. The rumors are flying about Nokia’s much anticipated N91 4GB musicphone. I’m getting the hots for this.  I might just get the N90 … seeing as the N92 will be along to wipe out the N91 in no time at all…

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I’ve had it with Three; bring on Vodafone

I did my best, really I did.  I have been trying to use mobileglu.com and an array of other mobile related services.  Flirtomatic.com too.  I want to see what they’re like!  I want to use them! Every time I try and visit them with my Sony Ericsson K700i, I am denied.  I get sent to […]

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The Register slates Yahoo Go!

Link: Yahoo! Go? Yahoo! No! | The Register. I’ve been testing Yahoo!’s Go! software for mobile phones for six weeks now, and it’s the most presumptuous and irritating piece of software I’ve ever used. I value some of Yahoo!’s services, and I’m more forgiving of my phone’s idiosyncrasies than most people. But Yahoo! Go is […]

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A University Degree via text

iLink: The Manila Times Internet Edition | OPINION > Texting and open universities. The UPOU is experimenting on short messaging service (SMS), or texting, to deliver classwork content to students. This is the latest development in distance learning. It is not surprising to see this method come to maturity in our country.  The Philippines, with […]

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Suicide linked, stupidly, to text

Link: www.limerickpost.ie | todays news. Fr Young said he had seen a big increase in the number of suicides in the 14-20 age group- ‘and many of them were the result of text messaging’ It would be far better, he added, if young people involved in personal rows met to sort out their problems. This […]

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Childline HelpText service launched by Zamano

Link: National Helpline Uses New SMS Service to Increase Quality Level of Counselling. Zamano, the leading provider of innovative mobile services, announced today the launch of their new HelpText service with ChildLine, a national helpline for young people to contact trained counsellors to talk about their problems. I’m pleased this has been launched — I […]

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Nokia N91 ipod phone launch delayed

Link: DRM delayed Nokia’s ‘iPod’ phone | Reg Hardware. Nokia’s music N91 smartphone – it’s first phone with a hard disk – has been held up because of DRM issues, the company confirmed. Bit of an arse, eh?  4gb hard disk … useful!

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Australian Utilities firms implementing cool SMS tools

Link: gizmag Article: Innovative use of SMS by public utilities. When a train is delayed or cancelled, a personalised SMS message is sent advising of the delay and next scheduled service. Interactive SMS queries are also possible. Gizmag has published this useful overview of some of the SMS service innovations being implemented. 

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SMS.ac overview

Link: The End User: Noticing a red flag – Technology – International Herald Tribune. According to Wireless Business Forecast, SMS.ac was the ninth most frequently visited entertainment site for cellphones last October in the United States. But it has had enough uncomfortable dealings with customers – both consumers and carriers – that I must advise […]

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Text credit to your friend’s mobile

Link: Alfies’ Blog – Blog Archive – TextPayMe. The people predominantly using text in the UK are kids. Kids don’t have credit cards, but they *do* have an issue with having enough money to carry on sending text messages! So instead of being able to sms money, how about being able to sms existing credit […]

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