Awesome in-depth review of the W900i

Link: Review GSM phone Sony Ericsson W900i. I’ve been hunting for a proper phone and was thinking about the W900i on Vodafone.  So I did a search. popped up.  I’ve added it to my favourites — take a look at the link above — their reviews are very comprehensive.

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Update to Three ban on Google and any other website

Link: SMS Text News: banned by Hutchinson 3g UK. Ferdinand of location-aware-device blog ubikwitus posted a comment on the above link suggesting I download the Opera Mini Browser to bypass the Three UK walled garden.  Excellent idea! For a moment, I thought there was the solution.  Alas no.  I can’t *get* to via […]

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Going back to the Sony V800

Link: Sony Ericsson V800 3G handset | The Register. With Bluetooth, 3D gaming, global support including Japan, and every other feature you would want to put on a phone, the V800 has more baubles on it that a Christmas tree. To put it shortly, we are very, very impressed. I got the Sony Ericsson V800 […]

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A normal phone?

I’ve decided to buy a normal phone.  On a normal network.  Probably Vodafone. The decision is between Sony Ericsson or Nokia. I don’t like how big the Nokia N70 is.  I quite like the idea of the N90…  but then I also like the idea of the phone being subsidised on contract but alas no […]

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I read that Google News is now available as a mobile version. I thought I’d try it out! Unfortunately, the only normal phone I’ve got is the Sony Ericsson on Three.  I’ve paid for "mobile websites" so I was sure that the world’s number two site (Myspace is number one now, eh?) would be available […]

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New Sony Ericsson K800/K790 3.2 mega pixel phones

Link: New Sony Ericsson 3G and Edge Handsets. Sony Ericsson takes digital imaging in camera phones to new heights today with the launch of the K800 and K790 phones, the first handsets to carry the Cyber-shotâ„¢ brand, a true mark of imaging quality. Both handsets look physically the same as above. Oh now I could […]

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MMS your baby’s ultrasound scan to your friends and family

Link: Response Source | Press Releases – Babybond Scan Share your 4D ultrasound Scan on your mobile phone. They pioneered the ultrasound bonding scan back in 1998, were at the forefront of making 4D scans available throughout the UK and now with another first Babybond� is offering clients the chance to share their pregnancy scan […]

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Sony Ericsson puts Google in their handset menu

Link: Sony Ericsson joins the Google charge – News Analysis – Mobile Europe. Sony Ericsson and Google today announced that they have integrated Google’s Blogger and Web Search features on Sony Ericsson mobile phones. Arse, I’ve just recently stopped using Blogger in favour of Typepad!  Still, it’s interesting to see mobile handset operators doing one […]

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Vodafone Japan launches bluetooth location-aware chat

Link: Vodafone K.K. to Launch New Chat and Multiplayer Game Services; Bluetooth(R) V-applis Enables Even Richer Communication. Vodafone K.K. today announces new services that use Bluetooth(R)*1 technology for wireless short-range communications. The services will launch together with the Vodafone 904SH, a new 3G mobile handset by Sharp scheduled to go on sale in late April […]

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UK Valentines lovers send 120 million love messages

Mobile Marketing Magazine: Love is…an SMS Britain’s young, and not so young, romantics turned to their mobiles in droves to tell their loved ones what they thought of them on Valentine’s Day, sending 120 million text messages. That figure was topped only by that for the New Year period, when 165 million texts were sent. […]

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Hopsital staff get one-touch VOIP mini phone

Cornwall NHS staff get VoIP phone badges Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust has issued its staff with voice-activated handsfree ‘badges’, worn around the neck on a lanyard, which can put any user in touch with another member of staff just by saying their name or department into a microphone. Cool! I hope this is more […]

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