Texting and then marrying a stranger ;-)

Link: With a slip of his thumb, Richard Burton changed the course of his life.. With a slip of his thumb, Richard Burton changed the course of his life. Attempting to text a friend, the car worker got one digit wrong and sent the message to Debbie Hunter -then a stranger- now his wife. Richard’s […]

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Breaking News Via IM, SMS Or Email

Link: Receive Breaking News Via IM, SMS Or Email – Robin Good’s Latest News. A new Dutch-based service allows anyone to subscribe to her favorite news feeds and receive selected news items via instant messenger, SMS on mobile phone or email depending on her online presence "status" and personal preference settings.

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SMS text world cup

Link: The Daily Record – NEWS – TEXTING WORLD CUP. The first mobile phone texting world championship will be held in Belgium next month. The winner, who must send messages including long words and maths formulas, gets a cup and a car.

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MMS airline ticketing arrives in Germany

Link: Cell phone ticketing coming to Germany | InfoWorld | News | 2006-03-03 | By John Blau, IDG News Service. From March 9, the opening day of the Cebit trade show in Hanover, Germany, passengers of domestic airline DBA will be able to check in and board flights on the Munich-Hanover route with mobile phones […]

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Newcastle Council enters 21st Century with texting service

Link: Residents welcome system Residents have welcomed a new £7,500 communications system which will allow them to register problems in their community via text message. Newcastle Borough Council has purchased an SMS text messaging system to make it easier for people to get in touch. Mobile phone owners can simply tap out a message and […]

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Mobile Operators want all the instant messaging pie

Link: Cellcos prepare for IM onslaught | The Register. 15 of the leading non-US cellular carriers were plotting to launch their own statement on standardised interoperable instant messengers, a move that is meant to slam the mobile door in the face of not just Microsoft, but also AOL, Yahoo, Google and, of course, Skype, the […]

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Mobitel & Buzz GSM re-branded as tiGO

Link: Mobitel & Buzz GSM re-branded as tiGO, announces MMS and Mobile Internet (updated) – Ghana Mobile News. Millicom Ghana yesterday unveiled a new brand name for its network. The GSM network previously branded as Mobi GSM for post-paid service and Buzz GSM for prepaid service is now to be known as tiGO. Plus they’re […]

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Buy fuel by text in Zimbabwe

The Swazi Observer Ex-pats can now buy petrol for their friends and families back in Harare through a simple SMS-based voucher system. The Mukuru.com website allows Zimbabwean ex-pats to walk into an Internet cafÈ in Belgium, for instance. Five minutes later, their parents in Harare can collect the petrol, says a Zimbabwean entrepreneur.

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SMS still #1 in Asia/Pacific

SMS still top service for Asia/Pacific mobile phone users – IDC – Forbes.com Text messaging remains the most popular service for mobile phone users in the Asia Pacific despite phone offers for newer applications such as email and gaming, an industry research group said here. International Data Corp (IDC) said its survey showed that less […]

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Vodafone spontaneous gigs

Link: Mobile Marketing Magazine: Vodafone goes all Spontaneous. Vodafone  is expanding its music interests, with the creation of a music property called ‘TBA’. This is a series of six ‘spontaneous’ gigs by top bands in cities around the country, starting in April, with one each month, culminating in The Vodafone Live Music Awards in October. […]

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Hutchison/3, mobile web access – update

I sent an email via the Three website asking to clarify why I couldn’t get access to the web properly after having paid the extra cash for their ‘mobile websites’ package. Three have responded, but unfortunately I don’t know the outcome.  I got a voicemail from a very nice sounding lady asking me to call […]

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New Media Age irrelevance about MMS

Normally I wouldn’t give New Media Age the time of day.  Any "NEW MEDIA" publication which still thinks it’s cool to hide its content behind a login box needs its head examined. This headline caught my attention though: Mobile data revenues overtake fixed-line as MMS use rockets I can’t give you any more than that, […]

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