Vodafone 3g data card … better value

I wondered if there was anything happening with Vodafone and their 3g data card.  I’ve been using it for ages with my laptop and loving every second of it — there is possibly nothing better for a self-confessed geek than sitting in the pub with the laptop whilst connected at near broadband speeds.  Now the […]

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SMS helps tackle road safety in Lebanon

The Lebanon Daily Star reports that SMS is being used to help tackle road safety.  Citizens are being sent text messages (with their permission one assumes) reminding them to wear their seatbelts and not to drink and drive.  Read more: Here

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Verizon nails text spammers

Right on!  I’m pleased to hear Verizon are on the case with spam.  Verizon Wireless, the second largest cell phone carrier in the United States, announced Wednesday that it had won a permanent injunction against a Florida company that had been spamming its users with unsolicited text messages. Link: Here

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Get into gigs by mobile

Louise Barnett of the Scottish Daily Record newspaper has written a story on this much touted application.  However on closer inspection, it’s not actually a ticketless ‘use your mobile to get into gigs’ system but actually, get alerts when tickets go on sale.  However, Nokia marketing manager Jason Paris is quoted in the article as […]

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Kids get text access to porn

Well here’s another example of network operators screwing about.  It’s just not good enough to say "er, well, you know, it’s the aggregator’s responsibility…"  So throw a whopping great fine on the aggregator and they’ll sort it out.  Otherwise everyone carries on as normal. The news story? Well, the Mirror newspaper (www.mirror.co.uk) has highlighed a […]

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Telfort goes live with SmartTrust configuration

Telfort Netherlands has gone live with an Automatic Device Configuration platform from SmartTrust that will allow it to automatically detect handsets on its network and configure them over-the-air (OTA) with the necessary settings for services such as MMS and WAP. Based on SmartTrust’s SmartManage(tm) solution, the mobile operator has removed the complexity of device configuration […]

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Smart SMS Corp adds movie producer David Dadon to the board

I hadn’t come across Smart SMS Corp. before so I thought this deserved a mention as ‘news’. The background on Smart SMS: Smart SMS Corp.(www.SmartSMSCorp.com) is an Internet entertainment company that specializes in mobile marketing campaigns for major brands including celebrities, entertainers, and athletes, as well as worthy causes. Smart SMS Corp. owns and operates […]

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