Tom Baker voicing BT’s text-to-landline service

I properly used the BT text-to-landline service this afternoon.  I was a recipient of a text message notification from Vodafone.  The identifier on the text message was one of those huge long network IDs… something like 15100000000.  Poor electronic Tom Baker spent quite a bit of time saying "Zero..Zero…Zero". Super quality thought. If you haven’t […]

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1.8 meg to your T-Mobile MDA Pro? Vapourwear, baby

Whata-mistaka-to-maka! Last year I bought myself one of those T-Mobile MDA Pro Windows Mobile 5.0 PDAs.  I did so for a number of reasons — the chief among them being my magpie-like tendancies toward anything new, shiny and potentially wickedly cool. My back-up reason for buying the MDA Pro was a press release news story […]

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Alfie’s been using VoipStunt like there’s no tomorrow.  It’s really workin very well for him.  I’ve yet to give it a good go.  I’m a bit suspect about the latency.  I tried calling myself and there was a good 1 or 2 second delay.  I wonder how that will work when I’m actually on a […]

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urPaizDed – text death updates for Czech Republic

Relatives of the patients who die in the local hospital learn about their family member’s death through an SMS message, something that experts in ethical matters consider inadmissible, the daily Mlada fronta Dnes writes today. Different, but, as the hospital director points out, efficient.  More: Here

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MMS a pic of your pet and win!

Is your puppy, cat, rabbit or guinea pig the cutest pet in Norwich? If so you could win a £20 voucher to spend at the Giant Pet Store, Twickenham Road, Norwich The Norwich Evening News are running a ‘good looking pet’ competition 😉  If you text in a picture to their MMS number (50p charge), […]

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mTouche client mistakenly spams half a million with a premium text

Link: SMS spam causes outrage – The Star Online THOUSANDS of cellphone subscribers were spammed with Chinese New Year greetings by a mobile content company, which later billed recipients S$1 (RM2.27) for each text message. The SMS messages that were sent out by mTouche to about 500,000 mobile phone users during the festive period elicited […]

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Texter’s Thumb

Link: Not cramping their style. Lindsey Blight starts her day by sending text messages from her cellphone, gossiping with girlfriends and making plans. I always like reading articles which give a sense of how people — in particularly the young — are using technology.  This article focuses on the possible injuries caused by over frequent […]

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Phone thief gets frisky by text

Link: Mumbai Mirror. Phone thief uses actor Nishit Verma’s cell to send SMSes to contact list Instead of trying to run up a bill or hawk the phone to the nearest fence, this phone thief decided to send out lewd messages to people on the phone’s addressbook!

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Texting spells freedom for deaf students

Link: Texting spells freedom for deaf students. "My mother also thought it was too dangerous for me to go to parties," says Streczek, now 17. "We had no way to contact each other in an emergency." Another wicked article about how text messaging is being used to great advantage by the deaf community.

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