Indian mobile operators banned from sending any sort of cricket update

I’m not sure how I feel about this story.  The Madras High Court on Tuesday restrained 18 major telecom service providers from sending Short Messaging Service (SMS) relating to scores, match alerts and updates of India-Pakistan One-Day International cricket matches. The court ruled that since the Pakistan Cricket Board has exclusively contracted Marksman Marketing Services […]

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Blackberry patent sorted in the UK & Germany

As a regular user of Blackberry technology I am pleased that the patent issues here in the UK and in Germany appear to be solved.  I’d be forced to fall back on my Windows Mobile donkey-slow imap email if I had to switch off the Blackberry. More: Here

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Yahoo Doesn’t Go! Data exchange is disabled

Still having an arse with Yahoo Go!  I typed the phrase: "Data exchange is disabled" into Google — this is the error message I’m getting.  Nothing.  Typed it into Yahoo.  Nothing.  And I do mean absolutely nothing. I found the tiny "help" link on the Yahoo Go pages and typed "data exchange is disabled" into […]

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Do politicians understand the mobile industry? No.

Just a quick answer there: No.  Politicians don’t have a clue about the power and abilities of the medium.  However, there’s a good article on the subject over at 160 Characters.  If you’re into politics and mobile in any way, it’s definitely worth a look:

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The pizza is on SmartSMS Corp this week

SmartSMS Corp, a North American mobile marketing company, have just sold 100,000,000 shares to Newman Investments Ltd of Canada in return for a cool $3.5 million investment.  The CEO Gordon Lee commented: "These funds will allow Smart SMS Corp. to rapidly advance our business interests and build ‘monster’ SMS campaigns!" Congratulations!

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Shut down your stolen phone immediately by text message

Scenario: You’re in a restaurant having a wickedly good meal with a friend when you think, "ah, I better check my text messages," and reach for your pocket to get your phone.  It’s gone!  It’s not there.  Hmm.  You think it might have been that guy who was stretching a lot when he was sat […]

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SMS and MMS toolbar launched by General Wireless

General Wireless today announced the launch of eMMS Toolbar, a toolbar that enables SMS and MMS to be sent easily from Internet Explorer to mobile phones. eMMS technology can also be integrated into other toolbars, meaning Google, Yahoo, Skype and others could all benefit. Well I’m a fan of anything that makes senting mms easier […]

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Texting over-used by College Coaches

Another basketball coach story!  If you’re a good basketball player and you’re thinking about going to college, chances are you are already drowning amidst the waves of text messages from college coaches trying to make sure you sign for them.  According to, it’s getting a bit out of hand — so much so that […]

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BT suspends SMS Self Service trial

The Register has a story about BT having to suspend their BT SMS Self Service facility: The service – BT SMS Self Service – lets punters text BT to see when their phone bill was last paid or to find progress on a fault. BT began trialling the service last month as part of a […]

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