BuddyPing client arrives

I’ve been waiting for this for a while!   Check out location-based-social-networking service Buddyping here: http://www.buddyping.com .. register (it’s quick and simple) and take a look!

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ICSTIS Calls Halt to 0871 Txt and Chat

So, what a difference.  You have the Chinese mobile phone companies fining companies hundreds of thousands of dollars for publishing misleading ads. Welcome to the UK where we effectively encourage it!  Mike at www.160characters.org has just posted this piece saying that ICSTIS, the UK regulator, has just issured an immediate halt to service providers abusing […]

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Get your Teknick Games via SMS

Teknik Digital Arts has unleashed two new games, Fear Factor DELIrium and The Phil Mickelson Golf Game on Teknik’s new SMS distribution system. Available to Cingular customers in the US, users can order the game via SMS and the purchase gets added to their next bill from Cingular. More: Here

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SMS prayer reminders

MUSLIMS in Malaysia will be able to receive personal reminders to conduct daily prayers (solat) soon. The reminder, which will be sent via short messaging system (SMS), will be available from today. The solat reminder service, made available by Connection Fidelity Sdn Bhd, a mobile data company specialising in short messaging service and multimedia content, […]

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MMS pricing worldwide

Telephony Online has a wicked graph, I think via Informa, showing the average price of MMS and the ratio between MMS/SMS.  Check it out here: http://telephonyonline.com/wireless/metrics/mms_pricing_worldwide_013006/

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Texting is killing Comedy

"I can tell a new joke on stage one night and get a huge laugh," whines Stan, "But all it takes is for someone in the audience to text it to their mates and it spreads so quickly that the very next night you only get a little ripple." Saw this on The Inquirer site, […]

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Pay your Christchurch, NZ parking by text

Christchurch City Council is planning to introduce some uber-sexy parking meters that may well accept payment via texting.  Very smart. I’ve yet to come across this myself — it would be far more convenient than arsing around with coins. Bring it on, I say. More: Here

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Blue Frog Mobile launches text-to-screen for US TV companies

SEATTLE, Jan. 23 — Leading mobile entertainment provider, Blue Frog Mobile, announced today the launch of its innovative txtv service. The first service of its kind in the United States, txtv allows television viewers to send text messages directly to their TV screens. txtv broadcast partners share in messaging revenue. txtv has been successfully tested […]

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Eurotel trounces T-mobile in Czech Mobile Market

Nice one Eurotel.  They signed up another 282,000 customers in the last year — they now have 4.68 million customers in total, putting them back in the number one spot over T-Mobile… so reports the Prague Daily Monitor here: http://www.praguemonitor.com/ctk/?id=20060130E02503

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