Buy accessories and jewellery by text

Link: IDEX Online In an already cluttered Indian jewelry market, Indian jewelry group Tara is venturing into the domestic market with an innovative marketing approach – jewelry retail via SMS. Rather than sell through traditional retail methods, Tara is publishing a two page newspaper flyer showing images of the jewelry with SMS codes next to […]

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Barablu offers free voip & messaging

Link: Free WiFi-enabled phoning/texting service reports growth. Move over Skype, there’s a new kid on the block offering free phone and text-messaging services for WiFi-enabled mobile devices. Barablu reports that its "free calls community" has spread to 96 countries since its launch at the FT World Telecommunications Conference in December of last year.

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There are 740 mobile operators on Earth

Link: Portio Research – Worldwide Directory of Mobile Network Operators. # Africa: 140 networks # Asia Pacific: 172 networks # Eastern Europe: 83 networks # Western Europe: 131 networks # Latin America: 138 networks # Middle East: 46 networks # North America: 30 networks

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SLVR L7 – user problem

Link: the chrisjur blog: My New Motorola SLVR L7 – Updated.  The SLVR worked out-of-the-box with iTunes and Mac OS X’s iSync software (I was able to load my phone book via Bluetooth in less than a minute). So Chris didn’t have a problem at all….  typical!  I’ll restart and reboot everything…

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African mobile penetration to reach 42% by 2011

Link: Portio Research. Eastern Europe is now approaching saturation and the region is forecast to grow by only 79 million further net additions in the next 6 years, while Africa represents a vast continent of almost a billion people, and barely 14% of them currently have a mobile phone. We forecast another 265 million subscriptions […]

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Incentivated uses SMS to reduce no-shows for Sports & Leisure charity

Aquaterra Leisure, the charity dedicated to improving the quality of life and health in local communities across the UK, has chosen Incentivated’s text message appointment reminder system ‘iris’ to reduce the number of no-shows at its sports and leisure facilities. Yet another leisure company organisation embracing the mobile medium!  This is good news. Incentivated only […]

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SMS007 – secure SMS communications

I had a note recently from Jiri Satanek, co-founder of Circletech to tell me about their newest service: SMS007.  You may well have read about various secure SMS services — this one looks very much as though it’s in a completely different league!   It’s been available to Czech users for about 5 months and is […]

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Motorola SLVR L7 arse

I left the Motorola SLVR L7 in the bag for over 24 hours.  Being a slight technical geek I do enjoy ripping the boxes open and playing with shiny new technology.  However I had lots to do last night so I didn’t get the opportunity. I was positively salivating at the prospect of unpacking the […]

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New 4INFO text alert service innovations

I had a note from Bob Roth at 4INFO highlighting another range of service updates.  The sexy new functionality is the ‘reply 1’ option which automaticall sets up a text alert for the information you just requested.  1. The "Reply 1 to Set Alert" FeatureThis functionality eliminates the need to repeatedly type out andrequest information […]

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Google patents free Wi-Fi

Link: Business 2.0: Google patents free Wi-Fi – Mar. 28, 2006. More evidence has emerged that Google is getting ready to blanket the U.S. with free Wi-Fi, as Business 2.0 senior writer Om Malik reported last year. Now, the company has filed for three patents related to offering wireless Internet access. Just where does the […]

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MOVO Mobile and Captive Interactive Partner for Spring Break 2006

Link: MOVO Mobile and Captive Interactive Partner for Spring Break 2006. MOVO Mobile, a leading mobile marketing software company, and mobile marketing specialist Captive Interactive, today announced a new partnership focused on providing integrated mobile marketing solutions to marketers of consumer brands, event marketing and promotion agencies. MOVO’s hosted mobile application combined with Captive Interactive’s […]

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Hutchison 3 — you’re not wearing any clothes

You may notice that I left off my ‘3’ phone from the list of interchangable mobiles.  It has been sat gathering dust and synchronising whenever I hit the ‘sync’ button on the Apple here.   I am still absolutely livid that I can only access 3 approved ‘great’ websites. I was walking past the 3 store […]

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