Capture panoramic images on any Nokia Series 60 phone

Wicked!  Check SmartDV Mobile out: SnapDV Mobile allows the capture on Nokia Series 60 phones of panoramic scenes, through a single click on the phone. The JPEG images that are captured can then be sent as an MMS. Compatiable Devices: Nokia 6260, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680, Nokia N70, Nokia Series 60 […]

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Texting instead of sleeping

MORE than 40 per cent of school students are chronically sleep deprived, leaving them grumpy and disadvantaged at school the next day, a study has found. Many are losing precious sleep because they are staying up late into the night sending text messages to friends via their mobile phones, education expert and clinical psychologist Andrew […]

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PayPal Mobile on the cards

Emily at has a story about PayPal recruiting for senior product manager to head up PayPal Mobile.  It’s getting interesting.  PayPal should have got in on this space years ago.  Here’s the piece: Meanwhile I’m pleased to see a lot of people commenting positively on It’s all good for the consumer!

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It’s a quiet day

So it’s a quiet day today.  I’m looking around for a daily fix of SMS news… guess what… nothing.  Nada.  The wires are quiet. 

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Bully helpline available by text

Two High Schools in Wales have introduced a bully text-line to enable concerned students to anonymously text in to get advice and reassuring support.  Surely this should be extended to a national service soon? More: Here

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Vodafone 3g data card … better value

I wondered if there was anything happening with Vodafone and their 3g data card.  I’ve been using it for ages with my laptop and loving every second of it — there is possibly nothing better for a self-confessed geek than sitting in the pub with the laptop whilst connected at near broadband speeds.  Now the […]

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SMS helps tackle road safety in Lebanon

The Lebanon Daily Star reports that SMS is being used to help tackle road safety.  Citizens are being sent text messages (with their permission one assumes) reminding them to wear their seatbelts and not to drink and drive.  Read more: Here

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Verizon nails text spammers

Right on!  I’m pleased to hear Verizon are on the case with spam.  Verizon Wireless, the second largest cell phone carrier in the United States, announced Wednesday that it had won a permanent injunction against a Florida company that had been spamming its users with unsolicited text messages. Link: Here

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Get into gigs by mobile

Louise Barnett of the Scottish Daily Record newspaper has written a story on this much touted application.  However on closer inspection, it’s not actually a ticketless ‘use your mobile to get into gigs’ system but actually, get alerts when tickets go on sale.  However, Nokia marketing manager Jason Paris is quoted in the article as […]

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Kids get text access to porn

Well here’s another example of network operators screwing about.  It’s just not good enough to say "er, well, you know, it’s the aggregator’s responsibility…"  So throw a whopping great fine on the aggregator and they’ll sort it out.  Otherwise everyone carries on as normal. The news story? Well, the Mirror newspaper ( has highlighed a […]

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