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Episode 10 of 361 Degrees: The Death of Tablets

We’ve just published episode 10 of Season 7… (SEVEN!) of the 361 Degrees Podcast. If you haven’t checked in recently, I (perhaps rather obviously) recommend you have a listen. We’re finishing this series by exploring the question of whether we will shortly see the death of tablets. Not the full, actual death… but given the […]

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If you only listen to one podcast episode this year…

… you should check out this week’s 361 Degrees episode. This week we’re talking about Nokia and Microsoft. I have been a long time Nokia fan — and a long time commentator. I have followed them through thick and thin. I’ve been hugely complimentary and supportive — but I’ve also been intensely direct at times […]

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Season 5, Episode 1 of the 361 Degrees Podcast

Whoop. Four months later than planned, the 361 Degrees Podcast is back. It’s only SEASON FLIPPING FIVE! Yeah. That’s pretty cool. Five seasons of podcasts now. We’ve come quite a way from the very first edition of the podcast recorded on the beach front at Cannes all those years ago. We thought we might as […]

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Coming to #361Live tonight? Get a free trip with Uber!

Preparations are well underway for tonight’s 361 Degrees Question Time Live event. We’ve made a few more last minute tickets available just in case anyone finds themselves free tonight — sign-up (free) and get the details here. However I’m rather delighted to announce that we have partnered with UBER, to get all of you £20 […]

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Season 4, Episode 2 of the 361 Degrees Podcast

Here’s the second episode in the Fourth Series of the 361 Degrees Podcast. Standby for a rollercoaster of a ride… This week we talk about 4G as it arrives – at last – in the UK. Surely faster is better… isn’t it? And if it won’t be super fast why else might it be better? […]

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It’s the 361 Degrees Live Podcast event tonight!

I’m really looking forward to tonight’s 361 Degrees Live Podcast event tonight.  In case you’re new to 361 Degrees, let me explain: It’s a collaboration between myself, Rafe Blandford from All About Symbian/Windows Phone and Ben Smith from Wireless Worker. We typically pick a mobile related topic each week to discuss — for example, last […]

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