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I bought a Samsung Chromebook on Wednesday night

I was walking down Chiswell Street in the Square Mile of London when I saw the Currys/PC World sign ahead. “Ooooh, a MacBook!” was the first thought that came into my mind. “Or, maybe not,” I corrected myself. The last MacBook Pro that I purchased was on behalf of a company I was consulting with […]

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Vodafone data: Now the equivalent of One2One GRPS

Whatever happened to Vodafone? Once the shining beacon of technical capability, Vodafone’s data connection appears to have regressed in performance to the point where it’s virtually indistinguishable from One2One at the height of it’s popularity. One2One was the previous name of T-Mobile. All those years ago. Those were the days. Do you remember them? One2One […]

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Guest Post: Will SMS weather the 4G storm?

Given the news that WhatsApp alone accounted for a stupendous 18 *BILLION* messages on New Year’s Eve, it’s not surprising that many are wondering about the future of the SMS medium. Oh, I think it’s certainly here to stay for years, but once you’ve got a reliable data connection, you rarely need to use the […]

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Nokia updates classic phone

That Phinnish Phone Purveyor has just made a good thing better, by announcing the replacement to its 6300 – the 6700 Classic. Apparently this phone is the ‘much anticipated successor’ to that best selling mobile of 2006, which is marketing talk for ‘much delayed’ or ‘we’re not sure why this took so long, but it’s […]

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Three’s books from the SAS

The network ‘3’ has just launched downloadable audio books for their customers, with a free preview service and a decent range of titles on hand. They’ve teamed up with ex-SAS founder of the GoSpoken.com website Andy McNab, to deliver 100s of new spoken word or viewable text based books each and every month. These fall […]

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Free TV comes to Vodafone

Babelgum mobile TV television comes to the phones of Vodafone in the UK, albeit on a 6 month trial and only to a handful of Nokia handsets. The free service known for its original video clips has just begun a half a year run, with the application now downloadable from Vodafone live! Although initially, it’s […]

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