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An expensive example of Three’s stupid data policies

This is one of those posts that’s about to get really, really popular across the mobile operator community. I know this, because previous ones on similar subjects have phenomenally high readership rates from the various operator areas such as Newbury, Maidenhead, Slough and so on. And executives call me about them too. It is with […]

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Phone hacking: How 3UK easily helps hackers get to work

I just received this email from a senior executive working in the mobile industry. Have a read. It is pretty shocking: I’m stunned. I just called 3UK *Business support* from a random landline and got the PIN on my voicemail changed, using just the info on my business card. All they asked for was my […]

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3 MiFi success, yet-again, I love it (via Amazon)

I sound like a broken record when it comes to the 3 MiFi units. I’m use mine every day, especially when I’m driving (or, being driven, I should say) up and down the M4. The signal is just brilliant. Obviously the Deltenna WIBE is the daddy but in terms of ultimate portability, the MiFi combined […]

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On the road again: 3UK is rocking my world

Fresh from Barcelona, it was nice to be back in the heavily connected HSPA+ (or is that HSPDA+?) United Kingdom for a few days. Alas now I’m off to Paris. Which means I’m doing about 120mph+ on the Eurostar right now. I’m in the United Kingdom at the moment (barely — the Channel Tunnel is […]

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