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MIR Show – Rafe Blandford on the N86 8MP launch

Ben and Dan were up at the crack of dawn to hit the Nokia stand for the N86 announcement. Whilst there, they simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity of chatting to Mr Nokia himself, Rafe Blandford (of All About Symbian) to find out what he thought of the new device. Here’s the video: Nokia N86 […]

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RumourMill: Leaked images of Samsung’s new 8MP camera phone appears

On Wednesday we brought you exclusive news of a new Samsung phone being launched on Monday. Now images have ever-so-coincidentally appeared on the mobile news site Daily Mobiles of an unannounced phone, which could very well be the Samsung Acme i8910. The website has some stunning high quality pictures located here, showing off Samsung’s 3rd […]

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Samsung gets another 8megapixel camera phone

Those Korean electronics giants have now added a third massive megapixel monster to their range, seen in the Samsung S8300. The new phone which comes along in the former of a slider is due out March, according to reports on daily mobile. Their first outing the i8510, also known as INNOV8 in parts of the […]

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Thoughts on the year, 2008 in review

As the year starts to draw to a close, we thought we’d look back at significant moments in the mobile world during 2008. Ponderings where you can sit down with your grand children one day and say ‘yes, I was there when it happened’, or if you’re too senile by then, they can tell you […]

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Samsung’s 8mp, 16gig camera phone

Samsung, it would seem, is about to join Sony and produce an 8mp camera phone. News is abound on every site from Pocket Lint to i4u. And I for one cannot wait to get my hands on the device. If Samsung has designed it well and kept the optical zoom function then the phone picture […]

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