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HTC Android ‘coming in September’

I’m so over the iPhone. The first Android phone? Now that’s some hype I’m willing to buy into – and thanks to T-Mobile for helping me do it. Yes, according to The New York Times, the first Android will come from HTC (yes, we know) and will go on sale exclusively through T-Mobile first. Another […]

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Android leaked onto YouTube

Ok, so most leaks are truly naff, unveiled attempts at marketing. I doubt this one is though. A video has appeared on YouTube of the Android phone. Now, Google has always gone for secrecy so I’m assuming Larry Page and Sergey Brin are probably quite miffed right now. It’s hardly the clearest video and doesn’t […]

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Android phone delayed

A report in the Wall Street Journal today talks about how Google is having to revise its plans regarding the release of the first handset powered by Android. T-Mobile USA is hoping to release a handset in the fourth quarter, while in Europe talk is of “Christmas time”. The world’s largest operator, China Mobile, is […]

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Linux wars: how will Symbian strike back?

Analysts at ABI Research have put out a report that’s sure to delight the hearts of Linux fan boys everywhere: the company says that by 2013, mobile Linux will be the second place operating system behind Symbian with 23 percent of the market. ABI says that in the coming years, Linux wars will see the […]

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Is Google’s Android delayed – or is the Gphone back?

It seems there’s a bit of will-they-won’t-they with Android at the moment. A report out yesterday in The Street had a source saying there will be a delay to shipments of ‘Gphones’ bearing Google’s Android platform with devices not expected to surface until next year. The Street then carried a follow up piece quoting a […]

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Google Android show off video

Reader Jonathan got me on instant message and sent me over the link to this Youtube video showing just how far Android has come. I just can’t wait to see these things hit the real world. When talented developers get hold of them, that’s when the mobile industry will really take off. Have a view:

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Trak for Android looks really wicked

I tell you, I’m looking forward to getting hold of an Android-capable handset to try out all these wicked applications coming our way. There’s so much developer freedom — *so* much. One application that caught my eye recently was Trak. “Trak”, the site’s front-page reveals, “is an Android based Twitter client that can Tweet your […]

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Verizon backs mobile Linux

It looks likes Verizon Wireless has thrown in its lot with mobile Linux – but it’s the LiMo Foundation platform, rather than Google’s Android platform, that looks like it’s got the weight of Verizon’s backing. The US operator announced last week that it’s going to be taking up the final seat on the LiMo Foundation’s […]

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One in five phones will have Linux by 2013

Linux is finally set to make its mark as a significant operating system in the coming years, analysts reckon. According to ABI Research, one out of every five mid and high-end handsets will be sporting Linux come 2013. ABI says that the new acceptance for Linux will be spawned by the likes of Google’s Android, […]

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Opera shows off browser for Android

Opera Mini has just unveiled a version of its mobile browser for Google’s Android platform. The company wants developers to get involved with testing it, so if you fancy experimenting with the browser, it’s available here. Once the feedback is in, Opera has promised the Android-specific Opera Mini will enter beta form soon, with the […]

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Google: Android will outsell Apple iPhone

Google has been taking a swipe at fellow mobile operating system purveyors Apple. According to IT Week, at a conference last week, Google’s mobile platforms manager Rich Miner said: “Once you have devices out there from Motorola, HTC, Samsung, and so on, there’s a much larger potential market on Android than for the iPhone. There’s […]

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