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Is anyone else finding the current iPad a bit too big?

I think it’s the release of the Google Nexus 7 that really changed things for me. Playing around with that, I couldn’t help but recognise the difference in size and weight between the two devices. Obviously. There’s quite a gap. The new iPad is flipping annoying, actually. The more I think about it. Oh the […]

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An Amazon Phone? The “aPhone”? Come on! Yes please!

It’s me again. And I’m back beating the drum for innovation and competition in the mobile industry. News — or “reports” — have emerged recently that apparently claim Amazon is developing a mobile phone. The reports reckon the handset will run Android, the assumption being that it’ll be a forked version like that of the […]

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Android’s enterprise problem: Are you noticing this too?

For the third time this week I’ve come across a really big enterprise that’s going (or already gone) cold on Android. They’re reading far too many alarming reports, they can’t understand why they need to stick McAfee on every Android phone (“Google should have done this properly,” one commented) and they really don’t rate any […]

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