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An Amazon Phone? The “aPhone”? Come on! Yes please!

It’s me again. And I’m back beating the drum for innovation and competition in the mobile industry. News — or “reports” — have emerged recently that apparently claim Amazon is developing a mobile phone. The reports reckon the handset will run Android, the assumption being that it’ll be a forked version like that of the […]

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Android’s enterprise problem: Are you noticing this too?

For the third time this week I’ve come across a really big enterprise that’s going (or already gone) cold on Android. They’re reading far too many alarming reports, they can’t understand why they need to stick McAfee on every Android phone (“Google should have done this properly,” one commented) and they really don’t rate any […]

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Android: What do you use for Twitter?

We had a question posed to us this afternoon by reader Benjamin Lethbridge who asks: What do you hear to be the best Android Twitter client? I actually quite enjoy the plain vanilla official Twitter client — I thought it would be interesting to see what people suggest. What do you use?

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Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Stage talent competition highlights the Galaxy SII

I came across Samsung’s latest promotion — Samsung Stage — this morning. It’s to promote their mobile devices, more specifically, of course, their rather gorgeous Galaxy SII. I’m on record as saying I’m not a big fan of the SII battery, however I’d like to clarify that the rest of the device is gorgeous. You […]

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40% of Android devices are returned… well, sort of, maybe

There’s a wee bit of a storm kicking off over at TechCrunch today because of comments from a source. First the introduction: It’s generally accepted that, on the aggregate, Android device sales will far outpace iOS sales year after year. However, there’s a dirty little secret about Android devices that most manufacturers are facing the […]

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Jobs: Community Manager needed for Android app company

Right then, please do pass this one around to anyone you think might be on the lookout for work. My very good friend Ilana is recruiting for a Community Manager to help out with a company that produces a mobile payments app for the Android platform. This is a super, *super* opportunity to get a […]

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