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Episode 8 of 361 Degrees Season 8: Three Rants

We have just published episode 8 of season 8 of the 361 Degrees Podcast, and this week it’s an excuse for the team to have a rant, all in a constructive manner of course. Ewan, Ben and Rafe cut to the case and tell it like it is! Here’s the summary: This week the team take time to blow off some steam about […]

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The delights of a not-quite self-healing network

Look at this rubbish: I’m trying to pay my sodding T-Mobile bill. I’ve been trying to pay it for the last 5 minutes. The LAST thing I want to do is phone up and read off numbers on a credit card. That, to me, seems highly, highly ridiculous in this age of connectivity. Or apparent […]

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My Google Latitude is now live to the world

People I know from London keep asking me, “Are you in San Francisco?” and, people from San Francisco keep asking if I’m in London. The where-are-you question is very, very relevant in the context of business so I’ve been trying to solve that with the use of a Where Am I function on my personal […]

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Fasthosts rubbish closure process. Somebody save me…

I’ve been using Fasthosts for Exchange hosting for a few years. I’m basically satisfied. But only basically. I like the point-and-click setup. It’s always been rather smart. I like the fact that it *just works*. But I’m being billed over-and-over for stuff that I am not using. I couldn’t find out how to close some […]

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MIR gets on the wrong side of Coracle Group

Coracle Group. Coracle Group… That name rings a bell? They’re the high-integrity communications specialists! Yes. It’s run, in part, by Richard L. Purcell. He’s the Executive Director that’s been mailing me demanding we edit some posts on MIR Company News. If you’re not familiar with MIR Company News, it’s where we stick the press releases […]

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Failed by my technology on the way to Prague

We took MIR TV to Prague over the weekend. It’s a super city — steeped history, stunning architecture, friendly people. We met some smart folk and we captured some good footage. That’s ANOTHER 3 hours of video to edit! I had quite a lot of people querying why they heard more or less nothing from […]

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T-Mobile’s Billing System Is [Still] Rubbish

What the hell is with T-Mobile UK’s billing system? I thought we’d sorted out all the rubbish, I really did. Do you know how I fixed the problems I was having ALL last year? Every single month, no sodding payment mechanism apart from a direct-from-my-bank-transfer would work. Nothing. I tried adding direct debits. I tried […]

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PhonePayPlus: The dinner lady of the UK mobile industry

PhonePayPlus is the proverbial dinner lady in the mobile industry school playground. Nominally known as the premium rate industry regulator, they typically hand out fines to companies that have made a huge, huge amount of money from spamming the mystified UK population — and who, have conveniently costed a fine into the profitability matrix. I […]

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Weird O2 XDA behaviour?

A Friday puzzler for you… Can any of the big brains that read Mobile Industry Review offer any help to a friend who seeing some weird behavior on his Windows Mobile device? A whole load of emails just ‘leaked’ from my phone to an SMS recipient,  impossible surely?! They were deleted emails (the full content)…  […]

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