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Give Yahoo some friggin’ breathing room

Carol Bartz has taken the helm at the once-great Yahoo. Described as a long time ‘senior player’ in Silicon Valley, she is apparently made of stern stuff. So much so that Mike Harvey of The Times Tech column was rather impressed. I wonder if it’s the fact that she, “dodged questions about what happens next […]

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My arse with Twitter. Help.

I was trying to explain the power of Twitter to a group of smarts the other day. “It’s all about the network effect,” I said. It’s, “all about who’s following you.” It’s, “Errr, status updates,” I said, beginning to fail in my task at moving them into the Mobile 2.0 arena. I even pointed to […]

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Virgin Mobile: More abuse of the word ‘unlimited’

Virgin Mobile have just announced a fixed-price per day of 30p for pay-as-you-go (albeit post-paid) data and unlimited use. For fun, let’s remind ourselves of the definition of ‘unlimited’: un-lim-it-ed [adjective] 1. not limited; unrestricted; unconfined: unlimited trade. 2. boundless; infinite; vast: the unlimited skies. 3. without any qualification or exception; unconditional. Wow… Infinite, unrestricted […]

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Three WiFi / 3G Router: Crap

I parted company with £69.99 today to purchase Three’s 3G / WiFi router, the Huawei D100.  I wish I hadn’t. I’ve used it for an hour and decided it’s going back to the shop.  I may just throw it through the door and hurl abuse, but I hope to have calmed down enough to go […]

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Phones 4U offer a window into their customer details

You’d be shocked and appalled if I told you that every time I browsed the Phones 4U website they showed me the personal details of the customer currently placing an order wouldn’t you? Well at least twice a day I walk past what would appear to be the flagship Phones 4U store on Tottenham Court […]

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Blyk – The End is nigh.

Blyk and I are now officially no more. I thought that maybe there was a chance of reconciliation, I was severely misled, and quite possibly slightly delirious, but who could blame me for wanting something to work? I learnt yesterday after a meeting with the Blyk Manager of User Experience that it isn’t just poor […]

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Blyk: third time (un)lucky.

I haven’t done an update on the loveliness, that isn’t Blyk in a while; and so, I thought, today I would. I mean, what else is better than having a good old moan?* Well, to be honest it hasn’t been going good. Yesterday I “celebrated” my six week anniversary of Blyk not working; not much […]

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