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My arse with Twitter. Help.

I was trying to explain the power of Twitter to a group of smarts the other day. “It’s all about the network effect,” I said. It’s, “all about who’s following you.” It’s, “Errr, status updates,” I said, beginning to fail in my task at moving them into the Mobile 2.0 arena. I even pointed to […]

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Virgin Mobile: More abuse of the word ‘unlimited’

Virgin Mobile have just announced a fixed-price per day of 30p for pay-as-you-go (albeit post-paid) data and unlimited use. For fun, let’s remind ourselves of the definition of ‘unlimited’: un-lim-it-ed [adjective] 1. not limited; unrestricted; unconfined: unlimited trade. 2. boundless; infinite; vast: the unlimited skies. 3. without any qualification or exception; unconditional. Wow… Infinite, unrestricted […]

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Three WiFi / 3G Router: Crap

I parted company with £69.99 today to purchase Three’s 3G / WiFi router, the Huawei D100.  I wish I hadn’t. I’ve used it for an hour and decided it’s going back to the shop.  I may just throw it through the door and hurl abuse, but I hope to have calmed down enough to go […]

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Phones 4U offer a window into their customer details

You’d be shocked and appalled if I told you that every time I browsed the Phones 4U website they showed me the personal details of the customer currently placing an order wouldn’t you? Well at least twice a day I walk past what would appear to be the flagship Phones 4U store on Tottenham Court […]

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Blyk – The End is nigh.

Blyk and I are now officially no more. I thought that maybe there was a chance of reconciliation, I was severely misled, and quite possibly slightly delirious, but who could blame me for wanting something to work? I learnt yesterday after a meeting with the Blyk Manager of User Experience that it isn’t just poor […]

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Blyk: third time (un)lucky.

I haven’t done an update on the loveliness, that isn’t Blyk in a while; and so, I thought, today I would. I mean, what else is better than having a good old moan?* Well, to be honest it hasn’t been going good. Yesterday I “celebrated” my six week anniversary of Blyk not working; not much […]

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Is there anywhere that Mobiles don’t belong?

This is a thought that I’ve been pondering over for some time; mobiles have taken over our lives, almost to the point of invasion. We use and take them everywhere we go, and many of us rarely turn our beloved handsets off. So is there a time and place for mobiles? Well I think there […]

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