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It’s time to end the receipt spam, come on!

Will mobile finally put an end to receipt spam? I am hopeful. Or, at least, it might change the dynamic to something a little friendlier. Here’s the problem that I frequently encounter when I’m shopping at Boots here in the UK: 1. You walk up to the till and hand over the goods you wish […]

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The physical Apple Store is still annoying as ever

I popped into the Covent Garden Apple Store this evening to buy a new MacBook Pro laptop. I decided to buy there-and-then because I needed the utility. I wanted the machine immediately rather than waiting. It turns out that this is perhaps the wrong approach for me because I really don’t enjoy the standard experience. […]

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Facetiming: Really popular on Samsungs

Have you been seeing folk with Samsungs Facetiming in the street? I have. I am routinely witnessing this almost daily in and around London. I was in Scotland the other day on business and one of the ladies ahead of me in the taxi queue at Edinburgh Airport flipped out her S4 and proceeded to […]

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An also-ran event from Apple; but job done

So the latest set of iPhones will hit the market later this month. There will be queues. There will be slightly tame excitement. There will be headlines about millions of devices flying off shelves. A few readers have been asking where the hell my opinions have been, given the launch took place 48 hours ago. […]

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5 things that irritated me about Apple’s WWDC keynote

I watched all of it. I stuck through it. I did skip some bits where I just couldn’t handle the stupid whooping. Here, then, is my perspective on the 5 things that really annoyed me during Apple’s WWDC keynote: 1. The whooping guy After almost every second sentence, whilst Tim or any of the other […]

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A week later and Apple is still feeling insecure

Give it a rest Apple? Following on from last week’s ultra desperate email to millions of iPhone users, Apple is back again with yet another reminder about how much you should love your iPhone. Apparently last week they said they had 8 JD Power awards for customer blah blah. They must have received another one […]

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Apple’s getting the Nokia treatment and doesn’t like it

Stop all the clocks! Have you read what Mr Apple himself has published about Apple? John Gruber has published a decent set of rebuttals relating to the Samsung launch last week. All well and good. This is to be expected and it’s perfectly good analysis provided you recognise that he’s a super-Apple-fan. The last paragraph […]

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