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Fantastical: The calendar app that changed my life

Somebody recommended Fantastical to me a little while ago. I can’t remember who it was. But I’m thankful that they did. It’s a really, really smart overlay application — that is, it sits on top of your existing iPhone calendar system — and offers, in my view, a much nicer interface. That made it very […]

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Android: What do you use for Twitter?

We had a question posed to us this afternoon by reader Benjamin Lethbridge who asks: What do you hear to be the best Android Twitter client? I actually quite enjoy the plain vanilla official Twitter client — I thought it would be interesting to see what people suggest. What do you use?

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Skyfire 0.9 is really smokin’

Take a look at these screenshots: These are from the new version of Skyfire — version 0.9. They’ve really been innovating since I last took a look. The brilliance with Skyfire is that it gives you a ‘proper’ desktop browsing experience on your handset. There’s many a time when you’re out on the road that […]

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The MIR iPhone App is released!

Woo. Nice one Pavel. I got a note in from Pavel, our iPhone app developer, telling me that the Mobile Industry Review app has finally gone live on the iTunes Application Store. I did a quick search — as I have been doing now and again — and today found this in the results: Get […]

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