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S60 Application Reviews

They are still happening, it’s just that I smashed my phone screen in my pocket the other week hence the reason for no updates. I should have my trusty N95 back with me tomorrow, so we should be back on schedule for a new review on Friday. As ever, if you are an application developer […]

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S60 Application Review: Shazam ID

Shazam ID is available here. Shazam ID is an application that assists you in identifying songs that you do not know I name of, whether that be in a club, film or TV music or simply just off the radio. You simply start the application and point it at the source of music for 30 […]

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S60 Application Review: FlipSilent

It’s time for a new feature here at Mobile Industry Review I am going to be reviewing S60 applications on a weekly basis. If you want to share an application with the readers or if you are a developer and you want to give your application some coverage then drop me a line (ricky@mobileindustryreview.com). Quick […]

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Yr crs bn stln

A few years back my motorbike was stolen. I can still remember the date 8th November 2003. It was about 10 o’clock at night and it affected me profoundly. In fact I can place several serious live changes to that moment. This includes the first time I ever broke down and unashamedly, openly sobbed. As […]

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AskMoby makes weather more mobile

The dulcit tones of an Irish voice can calm even the most stressful of days. If you could bottle it you’d make millions – oh yes, they did and did – and West Life and Boyzone. Maybe it’s not so good afterall. I’ve just spent the past 20 minutes on the phone with Dr Mark […]

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ROK Talk With Everyone

This week’s Application of the Week is from a frequent topic here at SMStextnews – those folks at ROK Entertainment Group. This week we took a look at ROK Talk, the company’s latest application to help make organizing conference calling quick and easy, directly on your mobile phone. We had the opportunity to get in […]

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Palringo could rule the mobile social interaction world

Palringo is our application of the week! This is our first collaborative look at an application, thanks to the all new Application of the Week Panel who have weighed in with their experiences and helped test and play over the past days. Quick word of warning: This is a long post. If you’re half interested […]

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Google Talk on Blackberry — my application of the week

Launched back in March 2006, Google Talk for Blackberry changed my perspective on mobile instant messaging forever. For a long time I thought the application was programmed by Google — however I later found it was the brain surgeons at Blackberry who developed it. And boy, what a job they did. It is, without a […]

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Wanted – Application of the Week panel

I’m hunting for an application of the week panel. Each week I take a look at an application — the first application was ShoZu and this week, we’ve just done Radar. However I’d like to make it more of a collaborative experience rather than a one-way broadcast. So while I’ll do the introduction and overview […]

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ShoZu is my first Application of the Week

I’ve been meaning to do an Application of the Week section for quite a while. Here we are. Every week I’m aiming to look at and try out a mobile application that I reckon is either worth a look or definitely worth adding to your handset. First off, this week, is ShoZu. Before ShoZu, well, […]

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