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Nexus One DX Modello

14 Questions with Kim di Centa of Woomark

Kim di Centa, founder of mobile developer Woomark, agreed to answer some questions in a brief interview with MIR. Here’s what he had to say: 1. Introduce yourself — who are you, what is it you do? My name is Kim di Centa and I am a developer by profession and have always been passionate […]

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GetJar’s Top 20 downloaded apps in March revealed

Patrick over at GetJar just published their recent “GetChart” for March, listing the top 20 most popular downloads by their United States visitors. Facebook is predictably still right at the top. That’s done something well in advance of 50m downloads on GetJar to date. It’s good to see Nimbuzz in there at number 7, followed […]

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Apple boss confesses iPhone kill switch exists

Remember all the to-ing and fro-ing, rumourmongering and discussions about the iPhone kill switch discovered late last week with the potential to disable iPhone apps? No one was quite sure if was meant to give Apple ultimate editorial control over your mobile, or was just some throw away piece of code. The answer? It looks […]

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