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Will the new airport phone battery regulations FINALLY give us phones that work the whole day?

All across the news today is this announcement from British Airways (see Telegraph): British Airways says it will turn away passengers booked on US-bound flights if their electrical devices will not switch on The underlining issue being that if your phone doesn’t switch on, it could theoretically contain explosives. Or something like that. I wonder […]

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361 degrees podcast – Episode 10: Bothersome things

In the latest episode of the 361 degrees podcast, I receive a virtual yellow card for using the word ‘sodding‘ during the episode (referring to MMS). Ben was not impressed at my language and I could feel Rafe giving me a stare from 3,000 miles away. I couldn’t help it. 馃槈 Anyway, let’s get on […]

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Batteries really aren’t good enough yet

There are a lot of things pushing me toward buying a piece of shit simple handset. I’m seriously considering buying a really simple S40 Nokia handset, or maybe a Sony Ericsson (if I can put up with the lack of decent contact and calendar synchronisation). I want a phone that works when I need it […]

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Remember to think about the batteries with The Flip!

I have been snorkeling. Probably one of the only times that I don’t take my mobile phone with me when I go out. Sad, but true. But you’re the same, right? I did, however, take The Flip. In fact, if I’m totally honest, The Flip is the major reason that I agreed to snorkeling in […]

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