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140 million iOS users are sending 1 billion iMessages every day

I wanted to document this one from yesterday’s WWDC keynote. I’ve been looking out for some statistics from Apple about the adoption of iMessage. 140 million iMessage users is a highly impressive number in itself, given the platform only launched last year. (Interestingly, RIM’s BBM site reports over 50 million BBM users who send 100 […]

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BlackBerry Messenger commercials: Nice

Have you caught the BlackBerry Messenger commercials playing on Youtube recently? I’m very much enjoying them — not least because they do well to highlight the value of the application (and thus, the platform and the device). Here’s one of them: You can view all the BBM commercials here. Smart work, BlackBerry.

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Join the MIR BlackBerry Messenger Group for a week

Yesterday, reader Mike added me as a contact on BlackBerry Messenger. He wanted to check out BlackBerry Messenger — and he hadn’t actually tried out BlackBerry Messenger Groups. I was delighted to help. BBM Groups are actually really, really funky. But if you’ve been sat with a ‘business’ BlackBerry, primarily using it for email, you […]

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