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History of Bluetooth

The History of Bluetooth

Bluetooth is one of those things that we use almost daily without much regard over the way it was developed, precisely like Wi-Fi (which we will cover in a later entry of this series). Today, however, we will take a brief look into the history of Bluetooth as well as how it works and why […]

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Why doesn’t iPhone Bluetooth work in my Clio

Got this in from long term reader, Ed, this morning: Yo dude, I’m sitting with a colleague who’s asked me the question above. Her iphone says it’s not compatible with the bluetooth in a 2010 Renault Clio. I thought BT worked with everything these days (I thought that was its axiomic remit) yet in her […]

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LoKast: Share your media with anyone quickly & simply

I’ve been playing with LoKast for a few days and it’s raised some rather exciting possibilities. The application turns your iPhone into a two-way media server, enabling you to rapidly share any of your media (photos, video, contacts, music) to anyone else using the app on the same WiFi or Bluetooth connection. My first reaction […]

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Walkie-Talkie application, over Bluetooth – a RobK idea

An application has appeared on the website of dailymobile that looks ever so suspiciously like the idea this hack had for utilising Bluetooth on handsets for the purposes of a Walkie-talkie. The idea was aired to a few likeminded individuals following on from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group 10th anniversary this year. With even a […]

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Is Bluetooth Marketing still getting active attention?

I had another note from a reader yesterday. He’s a particularly successful mobile entrepreneur here in the UK. He writes: Do you know if Bluetooth Marketing is still actively being used or has a been forgotten. Do you know any good Bluetooth Marketing companies that lease kit or software? You’d have been forgiven for thinking […]

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Mini-review: Jabra BT2050 bluetooth headset

Back on the Great Wall I gave the BT8030 headphones / speaker combination the thumbs down and the BR2050 mini-headset the thumbs up, but what a difference a more extended test makes…  I’ve already updated my view of the BT8030s to a qualified ‘not half bad’ (for travel) in my review, but unfortunately the BT2050s […]

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Review: Jabra BT8030 Bluetooth Stereo Headset / Speakers

As shown in my clip from the Great Wall, included in Mobile Industry Review Show 27, I took the unusual combination-product  – the Jabra BT8030 Bluetooth headphones, headset and speakers – with me to Beijing.  Deployed normally as a chunky pair of headphones which connect to mobile handsets or computers to perform standard duties in […]

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