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Ah, welcome back BlackBerry Bold!

I’ve had my BlackBerry Bold relaxing for the last few days whilst I have been traveling from place to place. I’m doing my best to avoid rewarding my operator(s) for offering really poor data roaming rates by refusing, where possible, to use them. I’ve therefore managed to avoid using the Bold for a few days […]

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Touring the Bold 9900 showcase at BlackBerry World

For those of you following my BlackBerry World activities ‘live‘, you’ll have seen my walk-about of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 showcase. I thought I’d try and give a bit of behind-the-scenes whilst everyone else was busy pushing to the front of the demo stations. Here are the vids courtesy of SocialCam v2:

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I Lost My Phone In London!

I usually carry a minimum of two handsets: A BlackBerry Bold and an iPhone 4. Between them, I have everything I generally need to run my businesses wherever I am. When I’m on the train, I’ll often sit and use the iPhone and have the Bold in reserve — often sitting on my leg, or […]

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My business critical Bold 9700 isn’t: JVM Error 545

This evening at about 430pm my business critical top of the range BlackBerry Bold 9700 went blank except for an annoying small and inexplicable, unhelpful message: JVM Error 545. Joy. It’s rendered the device absolutely useless. I saw it and took out the battery immediately smiling with an embarrassed look in case anyone in Starbucks […]

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RumourMill: BlackBerry touch screen Bold coming soon

A posting over at Gizmodo via the original source of a Tmonews forum item has a leaked image of the RIM roadmap, with a new Bold model on the horizon with a touch screen in a slider casing. There’s nothing much more to tell other than what the picture above shows, but still it’s an […]

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