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Uplinq: Brian Spencer, Senior Engineer at Qualcomm Innovation Center QuIC demonstrates in-browser camera functionality

This is Momchil here with a video of Brian Spencer, Senior Engineer at Qualcomm Innovation Center QuIC. Brian demonstrates AllJoyn camera functionality in a web page. Using a little Android doll and two smartphones, Brian shows us how AllJoyn technology works inside a web browser. Here is the video:

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Yeah, forget the Skyfire S60 browser

I posted a note last night about 100 beta invitations for the S60 version of the Skyfire browser. Forget that. Strike it from your memory. Screw it, with bells on. You can’t actually get the beta, if you’re in the UK, Europe or anywhere other than America. Which is one of the dumbest things that […]

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Sneak peak at mobile Firefox concept

Whenever I get a new PC, the first thing I do with it is install Firefox because in my opinion it’s simply the best browser there is. While the people behind it, the Mozilla Foundation, have promised a mobile version codenamed Fennec is on the way by next year, it looks like Mozilla’s development people […]

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Opera gives Google’s Gears some support

Good news for fans of Google Gears: Opera has decided to support Gears in its Opera 9.5 Mobile browser, meaning that users will be able to get access to all their favourite Gears apps through any phone equipped with the browser, as well as on Opera’s desktop support. Alas, the details about Opera’s Gears support […]

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Mobile web dead or just sleeping?

Mowser was a browser that would take sites designed for the web and render them for mobiles, launched last year. I say was, because its founder, Russell Beattie has decided to pull the plug after struggling to find funding. Aside from his debts, Beattie said on his blog that he decided to stop development on […]

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1.5 billion mobile web browsers coming soon

Mobile web browsers are about to get a whole lot better, according to analysts ABI Research, with open-Internet browsers (browsers which sport capabilities like AJAX and RSS) for mobiles growing from 76 million in 2007 to nearly 700 million browsers in 2013. “The move towards web-based applications means browser and web services engines will become […]

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Opera shows off browser for Android

Opera Mini has just unveiled a version of its mobile browser for Google’s Android platform. The company wants developers to get involved with testing it, so if you fancy experimenting with the browser, it’s available here. Once the feedback is in, Opera has promised the Android-specific Opera Mini will enter beta form soon, with the […]

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Nokia leading mobile browser wars

Despite all the talk of the iPhone being the data consumer’s phone of choice, it seems Nokia is still holding its own. According to research from StatCounter, Nokia’s browser has 0.15 percent of the UK browser market share (the stats take in browsers on both PCs and mobiles), with the iPhone making up 0.6 percent. […]

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