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HSBC’s absolutely rubbish business banking app (and its’ brilliant RBS competitor)

Do any of the readers have company accounts with HSBC? Have you tried their HSBC Business app? I have no issue whatsoever telling you that it’s the ugliest piece of rubbish I’ve seen from a multi billion dollar company, ever. I wonder precisely which executive approved this application for publication? It’s horrific. Utterly horrific. When […]

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BT Business Mobile: The UK’s most embarrassing network choice

One of the commenters on Shaun’s post over at PDA-247.com about my Vodafone rants this week highlighted the sad and ridiculous reality of our mobile network marketplace. The reader, tTeabag, comments thus: My company moved over to BT Business Mobile and on my first business trip to Europe after the change over I was staggered […]

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Nokia’s ‘actively looking’ at entering the laptop business

So this is where all the rumours about Nokia launching it’s own platform are coming from, eh? Reuters are reporting that Nokia’s top man, known to many as simply ‘O.P.K’, said in an interview yesterday: “We are looking very actively also at this opportunity,” Kallasvuo said, when asked whether Nokia plans to make laptops. Well […]

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