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Just how important is carrier subsidy in the marketplace? Huge.

Carrier subsidy is one of those areas of the marketplace that is traditionally overlooked — completely — by many commentators, especially those with a rather large partisan axe to grind (e.g. iOS fanboys vs Android fanboys). During discussions about Nokia’s future, many a time I’ve indicated that executives privately point out they are hearing good […]

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Should an operator charge you VAT on your contract pay off?

Check this issue out from Steve Rowlands (of S60blogger) about Orange (yeah, them again): Steve writes: Sick and tired of the lack of customer service from Orange, I decided to cancel my contract with 10 months remaining. Upon making the phone call to the customer (dis)service disconnections department, I found myself greeted by a rather […]

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Apple to ditch exclusive carrier iPhone deals?

Could an about face be on the cards at Apple? According to Macworld , the company’s CFO said during a Morgan Stanley Technology Conference that the company is “not wedded to any one particular way to go to market” and would consider other models. Many people have read this as a sign that Apple might […]

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