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Love the #PhoneDrop Challenge from mobiles.co.uk!

Have you see the Phone Drop Challenge video from mobiles.co.uk (“the smart phone people”) yet? It reminds me of the “Push Button for Drama” virals I loved from a years ago. I came across it this evening thanks to this Twitter ad I saw: I have to applaud the team at mobiles.co.uk for coming up […]

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Gemalto’s Contactless Challenge: I’m competing to win!

Gemalto is a world leader in digital security. Last year they did €2+ billion in revenue with well over 10,000 employees across 43 countries. They’re perhaps best known in the mobile world as the people who make SIM cards — but that is most definitely not where it stops. Did you know, for instance, that […]

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Hutchison’s INQ readying challenge to Nokia, Moto & Apple

Business Week has the details. And oh, what interesting details they are. INQ, a subsidiary of Hutchison, is going ballistic. On the back of the success of the S2 Skypephones, they’re lining up a big, big market challenge. “We’re tired of paying a fortune for phones that are unusable,” says Frank Meehan, the chap in […]

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