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Homeless Hotspots: insulting or ingenious?

Editor’s note: this piece arrives a few days later than expected. Apologies dear readers, new iPaddery + poor scheduling/communication means it’s only just seeing the light of day… We hope you still enjoy! – James, over to you. Last week, while gliding through my Google Reader (thank you Reeder), I found this story from Read […]

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A Twitter Debate with James Whatley

I rounded on Mr Whatley this evening. It’s been a while since I’d had the opportunity to fire stuff at him and see how he responds. If memory serves, the last great conversation I had with him was about how he manages his online/offline persona. The continual dilemma I was having was how I should […]

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MIR Show N97 debate

This evening, after doing our ShoZu campaign videos (the introductory ones), Dan and Ben arrived. “I want to discuss the N97,” he says, as he arrives. “Sure,” I say, looking at Ben who is already nodding his head. Within minutes the chaps are sat down in front of the camera and we’re getting to heated […]

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Mobile phones and cancer – the debate goes on

There was an interesting and upsetting story from The Telegraph yesterday about a community in the West Midlands (the area around Birmingham in the UK), that claims that a phone mast has cause 14 people to die of cancer and 20 others to have contracted the disease. Firstly, it is obviously very upsetting to hear […]

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