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Microsoft Cloud and Mobile Strategy

Microsoft, smartphones and the cloud – a recipe for success?

Is the cloud and mobile-first strategy making any difference? Microsoft has set its sights firmly on the smartphone market with the acquisition of Nokia. Since the failure of Windows Mobile, its previous smartphone platform, Microsoft desperately needed to unify their struggling mobile hardware and software business. And Nokia, who had been caught off guard by competitors such as Apple and Samsung, […]

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BlackBerry World: David Mandell, Mippin – BlackBerry App Generator Demo

This is Momchil with a video of David Mandell demonstrating the BlackBerry App Generator. David Mandell, Founder of Mippin – the world’s largest mobile app development company, demonstrates their latest BlackBerry development – the BlackBerry App Generator. In this video you will see a demonstration of the BlackBerry App Generator in action – building an […]

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BlackBerry World: Kevin Whinnery of Appcelerator announces support for BlackBerry 10

This is Momchil with a video of Kevin Whinnery of Appcelerator. Kevin Whinnery, Director of Developer Relations for Appcelerator, announces support for BlackBerry 10, which should be arriving “this fall”. Appcelerator is a mobile development platform with an SDK and a suite of tools for developers allowing to develop native applications for iOS, Android and […]

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Sony brings it’s A-game to Mobile World Congress

Sony has been on a rather long journey. Way back before the joint venture with Ericsson, the company was delivering some highly useful devices. The Sony CMD-Z5, for any of the ultra-geeks reading, was a high point for me. It actually had on-board integrated voicemail! The Ericsson joint venture arrived and quickly the company went […]

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Episode 1 of the Emporia Telecom video series

Long time readers will know that one matter close to my heart is the issue of delivering connectivity for the older generations. Today’s Western society is so heavily based on ubiquitous connectivity on multiple levels. Whereas five years ago, voice and text were the key mediums, we’ve seen a huge explosion most notably in the […]

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iPhone 4 loses signal when you hold the antenna band

I remember when I was at University back in the year 1997, it used to be possible to disconnect at T-Mobile UK handset from the network by putting your hand over the phone.  Such was the quality of the transmitter and the TMO network, that almost any interference — a hand, a wall, a particularly […]

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iPad day is coming this Friday — are you in?

Goodness me there’s quite an iPad echo-chamber going on around the marketplace. Almost everyone I speak to is craving or mentioning the iPad in one way or another. The launch, of course, has been ridiculously delayed. If you believe Apple’s brilliantly convenient ‘message’, they completely stuffed up their distribution logistics which led to them having […]

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Upgrade your N900 over-the-air today

No matter what your perspective on the smartphone wars, people still do refer to the N900 in hushed respectful tones. Yes it’s a bit-of-a-brick, but yes, it packs some awesome power. Any geek worth his or her salt will most certainly appreciate the ability to run a terminal window and SSH into their servers with […]

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