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Ovum: The genie’s out the bottle re: Egypt/Telcos

Some interesting perspective in from telecoms industry analyst Angel Dobardziev of Ovum regarding the recent excitement with Vodafone in Egypt: “Press reports that internet connectivity has been shut down in Egypt, and that mobile operators have been ordered to shut down services have several broad implications for the wider telecoms industry, and the Middle East […]

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Why Vodafone had to play ball with Egypt’s Government

Although I was none-too-impressed by Vodafone’s behaviour in Egypt over the past few days, I would like to make it clear that I absolutely understand it. Time for some admonishing from an anonymous reader who explains very clearly why Vodafone had no choice but to switch service off: 1: Licence. Vodafone has a licence, a […]

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Vodafone ‘obliged’ to suspend service in Egypt

If you’re one of Vodafone’s 28 million customers in Egypt — and you’re resident in one of the hotspot areas of the country demonstrating dissatisfaction with the Government — chances are, you might not have mobile service. That’s right. Vodafone Egypt has been ‘obliged to comply’ with the Government order. AP/Businessweek reports: Telecoms company Vodafone […]

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