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Alan Ranger of Cloudmark saving the virtual world from malicious attacks

This is Momchil with a video covering various mobile spam topics. Alan Ranger, VP Mobile at Cloudmark, discusses mobile spam and presents Cloudmark’s methods to fight it. Cloudmark started with protecting the email world from attacks, then moved to the social networking world, and currently concentrates on mobile network protection from various spam SMS and […]

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The INQ 1- Student Perspective Part 2

Last week I covered the basics of the INQ1 now I am going to be looking in depth at the applications in particular the social networking ones. Facebook Let’s be honest, this is probably the reason why you bought this phone. When you first start the phone you are asked to pop in your Facebook […]

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Teamer uses text & email to organise sports teams

I’ve been waiting for one of these. For a long time I’ve met lots of different people who have been working on the concept of designing a system that will help sports team managers organise games and player availability. I’ve never been a sports manager — in fact I haven’t actually ever played in a […]

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Email dictation on your Blackberry with MyCaption

Reader Jeremy emailed me in details about MyCaption — a service offering the ability to dictate email messages via voice. All you have to do is (for example) click on the “Reply (MyCaption)” menu link and speak. When you’re finished, the MyCaption service will insert the dictated text into your typing window. I think this […]

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The Ultimate Mobile Email System: Does it exist?

I have, for a long time, been hunting for the ultimate mobile email system. It doesn’t exist, as far as I am concerned, yet. There are some brilliant possibilities for normobs. For example, last night I watched as Honour Pearson of Momail described in 20 seconds how Jonathan MacDonald’s wife could get mobile email setup […]

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Mobile Email – A response

We just got this in from Lars, Vice President of Marketing over at Momail. — Hi, The thought’s in todays article is very, very right! The hurdles described are some of the ones we at Momail and quite successfully are trying to solve. Momail’s focus is consumer email and we focus on: Ease of use […]

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