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Mobiles could be the key in disaster zones.

It’s odd to think about your own mortality but a recent story has got me doing just that. And I’ve come to the conclusion that should there be an earthquake and I was trapped under the building my mobile would leave me to die a slow agonising death. Its battery is simply not strong enough. […]

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US gets disaster warnings by SMS

What do people do during disasters? Turn to their mobiles, of course. The Federal Communications Commission has adopted a plan that will see mobile networks used to transmit alerts during disasters or emergencies. The system, called the Commercial Mobile Alert Systems, will see texts sent to mobile users including, presidential alerts, imminent threat alerts and […]

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New Zealand civil defence group adopts text updates

Link: Scoop: Bells and Whistles: Texting Given Emergency Duty It’s free and it may even save your life. The power of texting is being harnessed to help give Taranaki people warning of impending Civil Defence emergencies. Free text alerts from the Taranaki Civil Defence Emergency Management Group will be broadcast as necessary to all those […]

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Louisiana State Uni’s text system failure was ‘misunderstanding’

I had my head in my hands reading this story — ‘geez, not another emergency text service failing to deliver’ — particularly after the news from November that the Connecticut State University text notification system didn’t work. Here’s the story I caught: Link: The Independent Florida Alligator: News – UF to test texting alerts after […]

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Emergency alerts services for campuses

On the back of the news story I published earlier related to e2Campus, here’s a note on two other providers, Rave Wireless and Mobile Campus… Link: Startups rush to deliver phone-based alert systems to campuses : SecureID News Colleges have other options for cell phone alerts, of course. They could go off campus and hire […]

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e2Campus go live with yet another institution

Business is brisk for the chaps over at emergency alert services company, Omnilert, providers of e2Campus. I suspect it’s been a good year for them. Link: San Luis Obispo County’s website | 12/19/2007 | New system will use text messages to alert Cal Poly students and staff of campus emergencies Cal Poly students and employees […]

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University Emergency SMS service doesn’t deliver

Ah now you know how I’m forever going on about how Universities, Colleges, Schools and organisations need to implement emergency text services? Well, here’s a bit of news from the University of Connecticut. They’ve installed one such system (provided by emergency notification service, Reverse 911) and they did a test recently. Predictably, some staff and […]

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Boston Uni makes emergency text mandatory for students

“Here, here!” as they say in some parts of London after a bit of brandy. Link: University Requires Emergency Texting – Education News Story – WGCL Atlanta In the wake of the Virginia Tech campus massacre, Boston University is setting the standard when it comes to making sure its students are safe and informed in […]

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MediaBurst wins city law firm for it’s disaster text system

News in this morning from Hugh at mobile messaging and telephony provider, MediaBurst. They’ve won a deal wth reputable law firm, Reynolds Porter Chamberlain, to provide them with ther disaster text service, ‘Business Continuity’. It’s genius. Well, it is, and it isn’t. It’s actually really simple — but a massive, massive issue for almost every […]

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smsweb reports 200 schools using their text alerts system

Link: Moneyweb – In Business Today – SMS technology puts the brakes on bunking By offering an unlimited sms service for schools, staff can inform parents immediately when a child hasn’t arrived at school and changes in extra curricular activities can easily be relayed eliminating the problem of children not being picked up on time. […]

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