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Yet another example of iPads being used for self-service

I really never get tired of hearing about the application of iPad technology. I do admit that it’s getting a little bit… repetitive. I am slightly frustrated by the planet’s utter dependence on iPads, especially in terms of service innovation. Whether it’s a pub deploying iPads to allow patrons to order food or a hotel […]

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7,000 iPads rolling out across US airport restaurants

I think this is a very, very good idea: Nationwide restaurant operator OTG is deploying more than 7,000 third-generation iPads at its eateries located in three international air hubs after recognizing a strong demand for entertainment in the normally staid airport environment. via iPads on the menu as airport restaurateur goes hi-tech. There are multiple […]

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Can the iPad revolutionise rural Agriculture? Yup…

It’s simply fascinating to watch just how the iPad has been embraced by all sorts of seemingly unlikely industries. Fast Company reports below on the use of tablet technology to help support and manage rural agriculture. Yet another +1 for the iPad, eh? The iPad is a luxury toy. It’s also a powerful, adaptable tool. […]

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Convention Center saves $50k deploying iPads & FileMaker solution

Here’s a useful case study on how the city of Austin’s Convention Center team have used iPads to replace their old paper folders. It’s yet another example of the consumerisation of the information technology departments. The city of Austin’s Convention Center waves goodbye to over-sized, overstuffed paper binders by deploying iPads and developing custom apps […]

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Bury Council binmen trucks kitted out with iPads

Chalk up another iPad #win for the enterprise! I like a good “iPad’s now being used by…” story, however this one most certainly caught my attention on quite a few fronts. Let’s hear from The Telegraph: The tablet computers will be mounted on dashboards and used to guide binwagon drivers around new routes. The devices […]

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NFL’s Buccaneers players get iPads to help their game

Here’s another example of the enterprise use of iPads, although it’s not quite a Fortune 500. No. It’s an NFL team — and rather confusingly (for anyone following RIM’s PlayBook), the iPads are being used to view playbooks (that is, the blow-by-blow game instructions) and videos of previous games. Interesting. The piece below mentions that […]

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Another airline introduces 11,000 iPads for its pilots

I’m doing my best to track sizeable enterprise deployments of tablets. Here’s one I caught via Mashable/CNN: United Airlines announced Tuesday that it is replacing its pilots’ flight decks with iPads. Rather than carry around 38 pounds of operating manuals, charts and logbooks, the 11,000 pilots at United and Continental will use a pre-loaded iPad. […]

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