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News: mobile roaming charges cut across the EU from today

From today, UK consumers who use their mobiles across Europe should see a reduction in their bills. The good news is that further price reductions when roaming are planned in all European Union countries from June next year, at which time all such charges will be abolished. For the moment however, there is an immediate cap on how much surcharge operators can […]

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Could Europe’s mobile operators please just give up and become one big operator?

Here’s a portion of Matt’s story from The Next Web: Despite owning large shares of independent markets across Europe, the continent’s major operators have reportedly entered talks with the view to creating an EU-wide mobile network capable of uniting national markets, the FT reports. According to the newspaper, telecoms executives from Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom, […]

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EU ruling could change iPhone’s battery design

The design gurus over at Cupertino might just get a huge task on their heads, if the EU goes ahead with a ruling. The European Union is currently considering a requirement according to which, all cell phones sold should have batteries that can be easily replaced. No points for guessing which phone lacks this ability. […]

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EU may just help in lowering your Call Charges

Are you among those who think that their operator is overcharging for calls? If you are, EU might just be the angel in disguise you were looking for. The European Commission, said yesterday, that it may just legislate further to lower the charges levied by most European Mobile service providers. The executive arms of European […]

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Europe give go-ahead for mobiles on planes

After Ofcom decided to allow mobiles on planes last month, the EC said it’s paving the way for more of the same from other European Union member states. The era of pan-European in-flight mobility will be ushered in by two measures announced by the EC this week: a “Commission Recommendation for a harmonised approach on […]

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