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The death of roaming fees in Europe: Bring it on!

The Telegraph is today reporting that roaming fees (for voice, text and data) will be abolished by the end of next year if not earlier. About flipping time. Almost half of people traveling abroad deliberately switch their phone off to avoid unexpected and often ridiculous roaming charges. In recent years, if you’ve spent enough time […]

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Coming to BlackBerry Jam Europe? Here’s a 50% discount code!

Have you been wondering what the gathering fuss is about? BlackBerry 10 is fast approaching — everything goes nuts tomorrow from about 3pm London Time. Luckily, there’s a conference next week dedicated to the BlackBerry 10 platform. The three keynote speakers are RIM’s top platform executives (Alec Saunders, Christopher Smith and Martyn Mallick) — and […]

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Could Europe’s mobile operators please just give up and become one big operator?

Here’s a portion of Matt’s story from The Next Web: Despite owning large shares of independent markets across Europe, the continent’s major operators have reportedly entered talks with the view to creating an EU-wide mobile network capable of uniting national markets, the FT reports. According to the newspaper, telecoms executives from Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom, […]

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Got 60 friends? Spell out a message with Google Latitude

I came across this rather nifty proof-of-concept video from the Google Latitude team. Latitude, if you’re not familiar with it, is an add-on to Google Maps that (amongst other features) overlays an avatar of your friends on Google Maps. So if you’re out-and-about you can see their location.

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Skydeck heading to Europe. Soon. Ish.

I wouldn’t hold your breath though. Skydeck, the fantabulous ‘your mobile IS your social network’ service that integrates with your mobile operator to get hold of a copy of your calling records, is coming to Europe. Forget the fact that you might find British Gas as your number one rated friend (after the amount of […]

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New mobile satellite provider for Europe

The EC, it seems, can’t get enough of talking up mobile data and that old nearly-ran mobile TV. The Commission has announced it’s started a selection process for a new satellite provider across Europe, who will be able to sell “high speed data, mobile TV, disaster relief and remote medical services under a single European […]

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Flirtomatic expands into Europe — Germany first stop

Flirtomatic, the UK’s sexiest (and leading) mobile/online flirting service has taken another step forward — this time, they’re heading into Europe with the launch of an entirely localised service for Germany. I nodded sagely when I got the news. Germany’s a good choice for Flirtomatic. An mobile-mad country with good penetration of a wide range […]

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Blyk expands into Europe

Blyk has announced that it is hoping to repeat the success it has had in the UK and will be expanding its operation and moving out into more European countries next year. It already told us that it was moving into the Netherlands in January of this year and today it has announced that the […]

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Two free tickets to Mobile 2.0 Europe

So what’s important about July 4th – well it’s American Independence Day of course; it’s *ahem* the day before my birthday and … it’s also the Mobile 2.0 Europe Conference. They’ve got a pretty packed conference with some great speakers and some interesting panels. You can see the full finalised agenda here, but it includes […]

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