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Ewan MacLeod: “TFL destroys hopes of a mobile phone/Underground relationship http://tinyurl.com/cvr5t2.” (via FriendFeed)

Ewan MacLeod “TFL destroys hopes of a mobile phone/Underground relationship http://tinyurl.com/cvr5t2.” March 17 at 5:21 pm – Comment – Like I get this; I really do — you don't want people arsing about on their handset texting and falling off the platform… that said, I'd still like to have signal myself..

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Hej! Jag héter Ewan och kómmer från London

Hej! Jag héter Ewan! Hello to the tens of thousands of readers visiting from Sweden this evening. God kväll [Good Evening] and welcome to Mobile Industry Review. This is the link you’ll probably be wanting: – Peter Lindgren of Visiarc demonstrating Mobile Documents Jag to Mats Lewan of Ny Teknik, Sweden’s biggest weekly technology magazine […]

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Twitter… Preserve it!

Twitter, like Facebook is one of my many online addictions. As bad as it sounds, I’m not quite sure how I would properly function without it… Then again, I’ve always been a little odd. One thing that I love most about Twitter is its openness. Anyone can tweet, anyone can follow, and everyone (whether or […]

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ShoZu Photo Of The Day

Today’s ShoZu Photo Of The Day is from me, Ewan. I confidently asserted over the weekend that ‘this Snow alert rubbish will be over in a day’. Rare is it for the South East of the UK to be trapped under snow for more than a day. And surprise, surprise, the snow is melting this […]

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MIR Twitter update –> Ewan is @ew4n

As per comments in the recent Twitter Debate post, as of today we’re separating the site from the man (me) on our Twitter feed. Most of the followers on our @MIReview Twitter feed do so because they want updates from Mobile Industry Review. Specifically, updates whenever we post an article. You don’t need to know […]

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Use your mobile as your Oyster card!

That is just one idea that has been floating around Mobile Industry Review for sometime; and it seems like after a trial period, people like it! The Near Field Communications (NFC) which O2 had been trialling with Nokia has had some optimistic results. Apparently nine out of ten (90%) of the five hundred trialists said […]

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Fancy an interview on Friday?

I have been meeting lots of smart people and companies every Friday — and the fruits of this are due to hit the site’s editorial feed shortly. If you’d like to meet in London this Friday so I can get a briefing on what you’re up to or write a profile piece, drop me an […]

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Iridium Satellite Phone arrives

Both Dan and I couldn’t get enough of this Iridium Satellite Phone that I’ve been sent for the Desert Island feature. It doesn’t matter how much you look at your top of the range Nokia or fancy iPhone, the Iridium handset knocks everything else for six. It works. Anywhere. Nice.

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