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BlykWatch is moving to weekly coverage

Our BlykWatch column by Ricky Chotai is coming shortly. He’s got so much stuff moving with Blyk at the moment that, short term, we’re swapping to publishing weekly. The biggest issue is the multiple texts problem — texts are being duplicated multiple times — and it’s driving him and the other users nuts. I did […]

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PocketSurfer hits Uganda at the end of July

The PocketSurfer, heavily marketed around the UK recently, is heading to Uganda shortly. I’m sure it will be a super success. It’s back-lit screen, long battery and inclusive no-nonsense data package will be a boon for many in the country. New Vision Online : Fastest wireless pocket surfing device to hit market in July POCKET-SURFER, […]

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Has your company got a WAP intranet?

reporting that UK aggregator and mobile services firm, WIN plc, is now offering WAP (or mobile web) intranets for companies. I think it’s a wicked idea. The key issue is how security works to protect private company information being accessed by non-employees. WIN Plc is enabling UK enterprises and brands to set up intranet and […]

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Unlimited Drinks tomorrow: A nod to NinetyTen

Unlimited Drinks London is tomorrow night. I am really looking forward to it. It’s going to be brilliant. If you haven’t already emailed to get on the guest list, please do so at the link above. We’re extremely busy — well over our 150 person limit, however I’m working on the basis that some people […]

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Don’t forget, it’s iPhone Day today

How could you? Did you? Did you forget that it’s iMonday? When Steve Jobs takes the stage Pricing is my number one query. I want to know what the new iPhone will be priced at. Second, I want to know how they’re going to handle upgrades. If you’ve got an ‘official’ iPhone from o2, can […]

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3 launches free Skype-to-Skype for business & enhanced plans

It’s a little known fact that 3’s business service plans are phenomenal. They’ve been ratcheted up as of this morning, putting the squeeze on other operator pricing models. They will, for example, give you line rental for 11 quid a month (plus VAT, everything on the business site is, obviously, plus-vat) and then charge you […]

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Vomit sheets in Basildon

I’ve been talking to everyone and anyone about Basildon, recently. I’m doing some work in the town for a client and it’s both a joy and a shocker to get off the train at Basildon Station. It’s joyous to be out in the provinces, although, Essex isn’t exactly Hartlepool (or the like) but it is […]

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Mobyko’s one year celebration offer (for old hands)

Get in! If you were one of the pioneer users of Mobyko when the serviced launched last year (you’ll probably have taken a look at the service after one of our reviews or mentions here at SMS Text News), you’ll probably have got an email like this one: On the 15 June 2008, it will […]

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Greystripe puts 800+ free ad-funded games on mobile carrier

It’s not often that you’ll see a mobile network take a punt on ad-funded content. Not often at all. I’m trying to think of a specific example that doesn’t involve the operator’s own portal ad system. Greystripe, the world’s first and leading ad-supported mobile games and applications distribution platform, have announced a deal with German […]

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The second coming of the Apple iPhone

We’ve kept the coverage of the new Apple iPhone rather light here on SMS Text News. Yes, it’s coming on Monday. Yes it’s 3G. Yes there’s going to be a whole host of delights to feast on. Two non-Apple operators have told me there’s a nano version coming. How that will manifest itself, I don’t […]

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Want a podcast shout-out?

If you’d like a mention in today’s hot’rockin’ podcast, then we need to know about you. Drop me an email to ewan@smstextnews.com with the subject ‘podcast‘ and give me the details. We’ll use your shout-out in the end part of the podcast.

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