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Yifat Kafkafi

Facebook sends operators a friend request at the TM Forum

At the recent TM Forum in Nice, Facebook used the opportunity to reach out to operators to try and persuade them to open their hearts and minds. Historically the relationship between Facebook and mobile operators has been a little… frosty. Some love the social network site, some simply can’t stand it. It’s a bit like […]

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A billion dollars for Instagram?

Oooof. There must have been all kinds of jiggery-pokery going on behind the scenes with this one. A billion dollars? Still it’s cash and shares — I haven’t read how much the actual cash amount is (or whether that’s been published yet) but of course the majority will be stock. Which, after 6-months or so […]

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[Insert YAFP here] = “Yet another Facebook Phone”

Charlie over at the Phones4U blog writes about reports that HTC is working with Facebook on an official Facebook phone. Next. I’ve set my expectations to way below zero. I most definitely look forward to being utterly amazed and surprised. However I do have to wonder what more you could do with Facebook on a […]

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Google+ and the Android Trojan Horse

I was skeptical at first, but I think there is a future in Google+. I’ve been using it this last week, and it’s not perfect, but not bad either. I was skeptical because of Google’s massive social fails in Buzz, Latitude, Wave and +1 (although to be fair +1 on its own is a fail, […]

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VOIP-enabled Facebook chat from Vivox: Fantastic

Try this out…  I’ve just been using it and it’s utterly smart (the back-end service is provided by the chaps at Vivox): T-Mobile USA has launched itself onto Facebook, providing free VoIP calls between social networkers though the service is not yet integrated into the operators mobile network. Bobsled by T-Mobile is a VoIP application […]

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