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Is your house Siri-enabled yet?

How do you like the idea of turning your heating up by telling Siri to sort it out? I like that a lot. A *lot*. I don’t want to have to arse about going into the kitchen — which is where our boiler/thermostat is — and open up the sodding boiler thingy and then screw […]

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Orange XBOX Lumia offer

Orange: Free XBOX 360 when you buy a Nokia Lumia 800

Have you been hearing about this deal from Orange? It’s been capturing the imaginations of quite a few normob (“normal mobile user”) friends and family. I’ve overheard people discussing it multiple times a day so — anecdotally at least — it’s certainly gathering a lot of attention. Here’s the offer: If you upgrade to the […]

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The Data Capacity Crunch: Are we still in it?

It has now been almost exactly a year since I published the Data Capacity Crunch video series (kindly supported by Amdocs). I produced the series in conjunction with the team at Mobile Entertainment. We interviewed a number of leading executives from around the industry discussing the issue of the ‘data capacity crunch’. Broadly speaking, it […]

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The Nokia Lumia 800: It’s business-ready

I’ve been using the Nokia Lumia 800 for just over a week, full time now. It has temporarily replaced the BlackBerry Curve I normally use for business work (I also use a Bold 9900 and an iPhone). I most certainly miss the physical keyboard of the BlackBerry, however I have to say that the Nokia […]

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Bet this chap rues the day he bought a smartphone

Hello from the BA Lounge at Terminal 5. This chap is using one of those new breed smartphones that we are all buying. It looks like a top of the range HTC Android — from the back, anyway. The brand doesn’t matter. All smartphones suffer from this arse. Our collective problem is that we still […]

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Cannot Get Mail: The most annoying prompt on the iPhone?

Is this the most annoying prompt on the iPhone? I think so. For all it’s brilliant user experience innovations, you’d have thought they could have fixed this by version 5 of the operating system. For those unaware, if you are out of signal range and try checking your email, this prompt helpfully appears. If you […]

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Dell's all new Latitude ST tablet

Do take a look at Dell’s Evolving Workforce report

I was delighted to be asked to participate in Dell’s Evolving Workforce research project. The future of ‘work’ is something that’s interested me since before I entered the work force. I always found getting on a train and going to a place of work rather 18th Century. Like being back in the industrial age. Fair […]

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polycom realpresence

Polycom’s RealPresence for iPad 2: Utterly brilliant

This morning I did a video conference call from my office at home in Ascot. My equipment was simply a BT Infinity internet connection along with an iPad 2 running Polycom’s all new RealPresence app. My colleague’s equipment? £15k’s worth of Polycom kit attached to a whopping 42″ screen. He even has a little control […]

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MMS NOT INCLUDED – a classic operator mistake?

In the first of his columns, regular Mobile Industry Review reader Neil Ramsay gets stuck into multimedia messaging. Over to you Neil: – – – – – Remember when you were a kid, rushing excitedly down the stairs on Christmas morning to unwrap and play with your newest toy only to be reduced to a […]

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